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By Andy
Momarsh Versavest and huntstand.
April 23, 2023
Absolutely great vest and stand. My lab is 105 lbs. I purchased the extra large panel separately and am glad I did. It worked as described. He’s large and very deep chested. The expansion panel worked perfectly. There’s tons of adjustability, it’s comfortable on him. From the first time it was on him it was natural and he had no fitting issues. He retrieves comfortably with no rubbing/no cutting. Can’t say enough about this vest. The final hunt huntstand is awesome as well. Well made and sturdy. It seems comfortable as he will jump up on it by himself if it happens to be set up in the garage from a previous training.
  • Vest and stand, well made sturdy quality products at fair prices for what is received. I know the best is a bit on the high side but I also firmly believe the quality of it will far outlast and be more versatile then the more inexpensive ones. The chest guard may not be as wide but it does cover and protect the vital areas while not causing any rubbing or require trimming. Nothing but positive about the stand.
  • None.
By Cassidy
April 20, 2023
This was exact product I had been searching for my dog. He has thin fur and would always get jabbed by debris in the water. The orange makes it easy to spot him through the woods and water. Vest is heavy duty and doesn’t look/feel cheap.
By Jason
Eucha, OK
Excellent vest
February 20, 2023
Very happy with this purchase. Everything that I have purchased from Gun Dog Supply is top quality. This vest protects my girl in the timber and keeps her warm on those cold mornings.
  • Insulates and protects. Doesn't hinder natural movement or pursuit whatsoever. My dog gets excited when we put this on her.
  • None
By Ann
Great Vest!
February 2, 2023
We have a 7 month old Weimaraner that is 81 pounds or more by now and still growing. Getting a vest that would fit him now and when he is full grown seemed impossible. Then I happened across Gun Dog Supply. They had exactly what we needed to protect him from the cold and brush depending on if he is fishing with Daddy or hunting eastern Oregon. This vest is like it says, fully adjustable, easy to put together and not too bad to put on a wiggly puppy! The information on the web-site was informative and very helpful. Thank you for a great product and offering items for the working dog!
  • Well made
  • easily adjustable
  • neat side panels
  • he looks good in it!
  • None
By CJ G.
Wladorf, md
Versa vest for dogs with big neck and little waist.
January 25, 2023
It's not as easy to fit as they say but still fits better than other vests, with my Chessie the velcro gets hair in it. The panels don't seem to fit the D ring that well but not a showstopper with my dog that doesn't break and need to be tethered. My dog hag a very big neck and chest and trim waist like body builder, other vest are too tight in the neck and chest and too big in the gut.
  • Fits great.
  • Less prone to getting sticks and such stuck in the vest.
  • Hair gets in velcro.
Assembly Headache
January 20, 2023
Product very difficult to assemble and use.
  • Colors
  • Assembly, needs to be in one piece.
By Tyler B.
Takes a while to get a good fit, but well worth it
December 15, 2022
It takes a moment to put everything together, and then to make the final adjustments to fit your dog. What you get though is a perfectly fitting vest. It's easy enough to change the size as your dog grows too. Our standard poodle is 8 months old and still growing, so getting a vest that can fit him as he grows was important. The interchangeable panels are a bonus so we can change between waterfowl and upland hunting.
  • Ability to make adjustments for a perfect fit
  • Seems like solid construction, should last
  • Interchangeable panels allow one vest for multiple pursuits.
  • Takes a little time put everything together
  • Dog might not appreciate getting pulled on as the final adjustments are made to the velcro
By Huck
Great versatile vest
November 25, 2022
Due to the universal fit, no cutting is required and you can really get a good fit for your dog body shape. The hook and loop design is very rugged. Just got back from ducking hunting in Arkansas and would highly recommend this vest. Its not the cheapest but you get what you pay for with this one.
  • Infinite adjustability, but maintains snug fit.
  • Great handle to pull dog up with.
  • The hook and loop is so good that its a little hard to readjust once you get it attached, but hey, that is kinda a good thing!
By Scott K.
Croton michigan
Works very well for a shorthair
November 3, 2022
Easy to adjust and get a proper fit. GSPs are thin and long and this works great. No chaffing
  • Easy to adjust and fit proper
  • Strong Velcro can be tricky to adjust at first.
By David J.
Eastern shore, Maryland
One size does fit most
October 26, 2022
The vest is well-made and does fit my 62 pound lab. I found the Velcro to be super sticky and difficult to disassemble, Botha vest and the camo panels. The instruction video makes it look easy – I didn’t find it so. Looking forward to using it when my dog retrieves birds this fall and winter.
  • Adjustable fit. Multiple camo and blaze panels.
  • The assembly instructions could be more complete.
By mark
horicon wi
too hard to use
September 29, 2022
sooo hard to put on a dog who doesn't want it. way too much velcro too..... junk.
  • none
  • too hard to put on a wiggly dog.
By Mike
Cornwall ON
Impressive design!
August 27, 2022
I bought this for my 9 month old lab. The design really allows for a custom fit. Just keep altering the fit and you will see how well this vest fits. I’ve adjusted it about 13 times already and although that process is tedious, it’s well worth it. I also like the back handle and D link. The thickness of the panels is impressive and I’m looking forward to bringing her out in the upcoming months.
  • Adjustable design
  • Quality material
  • The Velcro is mother strong hahaha
  • The zipper string came off after about the 6th adjustment but I expected that. Most strings that attach to zippers tend to break. Either way that main zipper components are durable.
By Taylor P.
Outstanding Dog Vest for Any Size Dog!
August 2, 2022
Great instructional video to show you exactly how to fit it well to any size dog. The Velcro is the strongest I’ve ever seen so the camo panels are very firmly attached. Love the handle and leash D-ring for running with my dog while I ride my bike too to exercise him. Excited to use product in the duck blind this fall!
  • Quality material
  • Fits great
  • All size dogs
  • Good pattern
  • Pricey but worth it!
By Jim
New Hampshire
Good but difficult to assemble
February 16, 2022
It definitely kept my dog warmer, and it is exceptionally sturdy. The “but” come with the difficulty in assembly and adjustment. The various parts are held together with Velcro pads some of which are very large. This is the reason it is sturdy. It is also the reason that it is somewhat difficult to assemble and adjust. Thus is especially true if you decide to adjust it after the camouflage or hunter orange pads are installed. You will swear a blue streak getting them off, and the vest can’t be adjusted until you do so.
  • Warm and sturdy
  • Very difficult to adjust after camouflage or visibility pads are installed.
By E L.
Redding, CA
Perfect fit .
January 20, 2022
With the construction and adjustments on this vest, the fit is perfect. If you own a versatile hunting dog this is the vest you want to buy.
  • Fit and quality material.
  • Price .
By James B.
Sand Springs Oklahoma
Momarsh Versa Vest with X chest plate
January 20, 2022
Not sold on the product yet. I like that you can change the size of the vest. But I really want to see how long it will even last. It being 90% Velcro just worries me.
  • Fits a 100 pound muscle up Chesapeake bay retriever
  • Made up of 90% Velcro
By Kelsie
Grants Pass, Oregon
A great vest!
January 18, 2022
This vest was so easy to get a good fit on our Korthals Griffon. He has a deep chest so we wanted something that would fit closely to his body to provide protection & warmth. This vest does just that! The velcro is very secure once placed, I didn’t have to worry about it loosening if he gets real active. The orange panels are also very visible which is great for when we’re out shed hunting or just hiking around the woods.
  • Form-fitting, good quality Velcro, visibility with orange outer panels, sturdy materials for protection & warmth.
  • No cons on the vest, just took the dog a while to get conditioned to wearing it. Working with him more frequently before going out to the field should help that, it did for us!
By Phil
Sacramento, CA
Improved the D ring.
January 11, 2022
This is the best dog vest I have ever bought. Tried most of them and this one is the best. The vest is so easily adjustable. The dog puts on or takes off some pounds and it’s a simple side panel adjustment. They also beefed up the D ring which was the first thing to wear out on my previous vest from last year. No chafing or rubbing anywhere on the dog from this vest.
By Boyd
Lindstrom, Man
Awesome vest
January 4, 2022
Couldn’t be happier with the vest and the service. Accidentally ordered two and noticed it on a Sunday. Emailed and Steve replied right away and corrected it prior to shipping. Vest fits my 5 month old GSP perfectly and will be able to adjust easily and don’t see him outgrowing it. First time ordering and will be my go-to place for gun dog supplies.
  • Fit and durability along with interchangeable camo to orange panels.
  • None.
By Hunter B.
Martinez, California
Christmas was a hit !!
January 2, 2022
Both of our pups got new vests for Christmas and being able to adjust them to fit just right was great! They are both 9 months old so they will need to be adjusted as they grow!
  • They were both able to swim with no rubbing!
By Duck h.
December 28, 2021
Quality construction and zipper. I have used it several times and it is standing up well. Velcro holds straps and camo panels in place well. The best feature is the separate chest expansion which made it a perfect fit for my Chessie.
  • Solid construction
  • Availability of chest expansion panel
By Paul
Salinas California
December 5, 2021
Product too stiff when put together. Like putting two boards on my dog. She couldn't move freely. Sent back for a refund and ordered an Avery neoprene vest which is a lot more user-friendly.
By Wes
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Outstanding and versatile!
December 2, 2021
This vest is outstanding! My dog loves it. She’s a pretty lean-built dog and gets cold easily. She’s worn it every hunt day since opening day. I’ve hunted her in multiple types of cover from western Oregon to eastern Idaho and she is always well camouflaged. Once the initial fit is made, adjustments are easy. The only thing I don’t like too well is the D-ring could be stouter and the paracord handle pulled out. Simple fixes, but expected better out of an otherwise very well-built and sturdy vest.
  • Keeps dogs warm, good protection, good camo pattern.
  • D-ring and paracord handler could be sewn in better.
Momarsh Vest
November 30, 2021
I tried this vest because of its claim to being adjustable enough to fit any dog. My black lab has a slight build and I had been unable to find a best that fit her properly. I was able to fit her perfectly with this vest. It took a little time and effort but the fit is great. She has hunted in it about 10 times so far and the vest still looks and fits like new. Great quality. I would buy another!
  • Great quality. Super strong velcro. Excellent fit and protection.
  • The included fitting instructions could be a bit more detailed.
By Rick
La Porte, IN
adjustable fit
October 28, 2021
It took only 10 minutes of both my wife and I to properly fit this vest on our small, athletic golden retriever. I have 5 vests from previous dogs and this is the only one we could make to fit her.
  • very adjustable
  • A little heavier and stiffer than I am used to but dog doesn't seem to mind.
By Bill S.
Lemoore CA
But 1 time dog vest
October 27, 2021
No need to buy another vest as dog grows.. fully adjustable fit.. easy to adjust.. even on young dogs
  • Adjustable fit
  • None at this time
By Francisco C.
Suisun city, CA
Momarsh versa vest
October 22, 2021
I was able to adjust it to fit my dogs body perfectly haven't had a chance to use out hunting but it fits great around the house
By Tracy
Great product!
October 8, 2021
Very sturdy and covers my lab very well!
  • Great stitching and material! Ability to change panels. Good protection for your dog.
  • Slightly stiff but overall very please.
By robert c.
burnet texas
too small
September 28, 2021
it is too small for my german shorthair
By Rick
Cumberland, Maine
Great Vest and even better Customer Service
September 22, 2021
It is a great vest that provides protection and warmth for my dog. easily adjustable to custom fit to my Pudelpointer. After 3 times of use the chest piece started to delaminate. I filled out a form on Momarsh's website and a week later I had a new and improved chest pad that will not delaminate. I could not be happier. In my opinion it is a great value for the money and should last for years of hunting.
By Skip
Cave Creek, Az.
Versa vest
September 2, 2021
I expected to receive the vest in a box as viewed in the video, mine was not.
  • Ability to adjust to a perfect fit.
  • Ability to clean Velcro is difficult and time consuming.
By Tate
July 11, 2021
Great service, shipped immediately, lots of items to pick from. Can't wait to use this vest
  • I'm very happy with everything
  • I got no complaints
By Laurie
Perfect fit for a versatile gun dog breed
June 8, 2021
We have tried many vests for our dog (a Cesky Fousek) but the fit was always too loose in some areas and too tight in others. the flexibility to custom fit this vest worked out perfectly.
By Greg
Western Minnesota
May 21, 2021
It’s well built and the Velcro is incredibly strong. However, I have an 80+ pound Curly Coated retriever and this vest is way too small. I purchased the bigger chest piece which doesn’t really work either - separate review
  • Well built
  • Much too small for tall dogs
By Doug B.
new chest protector
March 26, 2021
My dog Shylo is a yellow lab and weighs 42 lbs. She is 11 months old. I spent some time looking for a chest protector and I purchased this one. The main reason I chose it was it had a video to watch how to use it. It was hard to believe the one fits all part. But I can see now it probably will. The velcro they use to make this chest protector is incredible. After you get it on the dog the first time you can make little adjustments to make the chest protector perfectly fit your dog. I would highly recommend this chest protector.
  • quick and easy set up
  • you can get different color panels for different needs
  • nice looking
  • none
By Ben G.
Brenham Texas
March 21, 2021
Kind of confusing to assemble out of box. Had to watch tutorial video several times. My young pup still freaks out when I go to put it in him, he wiggles around a lot, but with time and repetitiveness this should go away. Once on him dog doesn’t seem to mind wearing it and to me has a different mind set like he knows it’s time for business and not play. Looks really sharp on him and seen people make double takes how flashy and nice he looks wearing the vest.
  • Well made, interchangeable color options, adjustment as dog grows. Will protect dogs vulnerable spots on body
  • Confusing to assemble out of box, dog will struggle to get it out on him
By Mary
It fits my skinny Dutchie
March 17, 2021
This can fit a wide variety of dogs - it fit my skinny, deep chested dutch shepherd just fine. She has little body fat and this adds enough flotation plus protects her chest when she tears through the muck and underbrush. It doesn't restrict her motion - she has a very wide range of motion of her legs and back and this vest doesn't interfere.
  • Fit, quality, heavy duty velcro stays put,
  • none so far
By Mel
Best vest we've found yet
March 15, 2021
My 70lb chessie has a really deep, narrow chest and a small waist. We have had a hard time finding vests because everything that fits his chest is way too big everywhere else. This was perfect since it's a custom fit. Other vests we've tried also have a pretty wide chest piece that rubs under his arms and this one is narrow enough that we don't have to worry about chafing. Just bought another for his little sister!
By Jared M.
Anderson, SC
Excellent vest!
February 11, 2021
Sharp looking vest!!! Adjustability is great and I’m sure it will last a very long time. Replacement panels are a bonus, my wife wanted orange and myself camo so we get both without having to purchase 2 vests!
By Tanner
El Campo, Texas
February 3, 2021
Vest fits great and my dog seems to love it he gets excited everytime I pull it out he’s a 60lb gsp I do wish I would have gotten the next size!
By Bill
Jackson, Mississippi
Great fitment and easy to put on
January 29, 2021
Overall this is the easiest dog vest to put on my dog that I have used. It is a great vest for the serious duck hunter.
  • It fits well, is easy to put on the dog and is of good quality like all Momarsh products.
  • The Velcro on the vest will pick up grass and vegetation debris, which does not hose off easily. Also, I have noticed some cracking in the vinyl at the bottom of the chest piece. My dog hunts a lot and goes hard so sharp sticks are a hazard. I presume the cracking kept a stick from piercing my dog, if not it could be a quality control issue.
By Noah M.
Oak Ridge, NJ
Smaller than expected
January 28, 2021
This is a high quality vest. All materials have been chosen wisely. grab handle and zipper are very tough. the velcro should go the distance as well. My only complaint is its size. Its quite small. I don't think it would be appropriate for most retrievers Ive seen in my life. I have a 95lb chessie and its nowhere near fitting around him. He'll need the larger chest panel. But at that point, Im not sure the side panels are even going to fit around him sufficiently to actually keep him warm. I just thought it would be much bigger based on the 35-100lb fitment claim. absolutely no way this is fitting on a 100lb dog.
  • great materials. awesome design.
  • way too small for a lot of retrievers Ive seen
By Gilbert T.
Meridian Idaho
Needs another chest panel and is bulky
January 26, 2021
My dog is a 90 lb. Lab. The chest panel it came with was to small. The velcro on the included panel would only allow for maybe an inch of attachment. I didn't find on Gun Dog any other option. How ever Higdon Outdoors maker of the vest has a large chest panel available. I order it and it was to big. When fitted to my dog there were large areas in the chest portion where the velcro had nothing to attach to. I think they need an in between panel. Higdon did allow me to return the large panel still ended up costing me $14.00 in shipping. After all that it is bulky and heavy. In the right circumstance I would recommend it.
  • I have never seen velcro as strong as this. When on a dog it fits I don't think it would ever come apart.
  • To bulky and heavy.
By Tim
Good product
January 23, 2021
Better construction then the 3 different vest I have had had for my dogs.
  • Highly adjustable,better protection for you pet.
  • A little time consuming getting vest adjusted to fit your dog
By Bryon P.
New Jersey
Great product
January 19, 2021
Nice product, fits dog great , so glad a bought this vest
By Zach
Denver, CO
Versatile and Well Functioning
January 7, 2021
I was hesitant about this vest because I didn't think it really could fit such a wide range of dogs. I was wrong and am glad I bought it. Easy to adjust as my pup continues to grow and fits him well. He's 6 months and 67 lbs and there is plenty of adjustment that can still be made in the future so this still works for him. Only con is it is slightly bulky.
  • Adjustable, versatile, simple to use, can keep using as dog continues to grow
  • slightly bulky
By Rick
Sacramento, CA
Great fit and warm
January 3, 2021
I tried two other brands for my one year old and they did not fit. The MOmarsh is fully adjustable and is easy to set up and use. Once set up, all you do is zip it up and go. My young dog is much happier and comfortable.
  • Fully adjustable. Great fit, great zipper. Great video on website.
  • Easy to order and delivered quickly.
  • None
By Molly
Coleman, Texas
Great fit!!
December 30, 2020
This vest remarkably fits different size dogs. Once you get all the pieces together there are no gaps! Finally a vest that fits!!!
  • Great snug fit.
  • Hard to get all the pieces together.
By Ed
Best Vest
December 28, 2020
We’ve tried other vests and this one by far works the best for our GSP!
  • Easy to fit.
By Jeff G.
Covington Tennessee
Beau's Versa Vest
December 26, 2020
Finally a vest to fit big Beau
  • Versa Vest provides a custom fit
  • None
By Richard
San Diego
well made, easy to adjust.
December 26, 2020
Have placed on calm dog and working with skittish dog to familiarize him to it. It seems very well made and should help protect him in cold water. will let you know the final verdict on it soon!
By Customer
Ketchikan, alaska
My dog is too big!
December 23, 2020
110 lb Chesapeake lab cross is too big for this rig. Not a bad review per say, just haven’t found anything that fits her yet. If you’ve a size large dog I’d look further. Similar results on her little brother who’s about 106 lbs.
  • Seems to be of good construction and quality materials.
  • Doesn't fit large dog.
Finally a vest that fits
December 22, 2020
This vest is super adjustable, just what I needed for a deep chested Shorthair. The quality looks good. Once it’s adjusted and the Velcro is set in place it isn’t going anywhere... no need to fiddle with adjusting it ever again unless the dog grows.
  • Adjustability and changeable camo panels
  • None as far as the product itself goes. The price is a little steep, but then again you'd probably have to buy two or more cheaper vests over the life of a dog, as their body size and shape changes.
By John R.
Washington State
Best fitting vest I've put on my dog
December 22, 2020
This is by far the best fitting vest I have used for duck hunting. It is like having a tailor made vest for my 60lb lab. My other two vests were sized for bigger dogs but this would fit all of them. Once you fit it to your dog you are set. The Velcro is the strongest I’ve seen and after the initial fitting you don’t have to worry about it coming apart. There are no gaps at the back or shoulders to create drag and after a day to get used to it the dog forgot it was there.
  • Great fitting, warm, super strong Velcro.
  • None I have found yet.
By Greg P.
Great vest
December 22, 2020
I have tried 5 different vests. They don't fit well. This is the first that fits perfectly due to the adjustment features. It is the last vest I will buy
By kristen
washington state
works great
December 21, 2020
I ordered several xl and xxl vests for my silver lab they were all too small this vest works great but we had to ask for a bigger chest piece which the company sent to us quickly no questions asked
By Craig
December 21, 2020
I liked the quality and engineering but the vest didn't fit my lab in the chest area. I couldn't make it big enough.
By G D.
Hands down the best dog vest ever made
December 20, 2020
This vest is of top notch quality and the design is second to none. The simplicity of the adjustability leaves me wondering why it took so long for someone to care about dog vest fit. This vest can easily be adjusted to get a secure and warm fit around any dog, but it really shines on thinner waisted dogs where all other vests leave a large, non-functional gap. The ability to size it correctly makes it a much safer and more functional vest than any other I have seen in the marketplace. Do yourself and your dog a favor, get rid of whatever vest you have now and replace it with a Versa vest from MOmarsh.
  • Excellent adjustability, great camp pattern, good boat hoisting handle.
  • None
By Brenden
Skagit county , washington
Best fitting vest I’ve had so far !
December 20, 2020
I run two dogs both German shorthair male is 60lbs and female is 53lbs . This vest was easy to fit , adjust for each dog and even though it’s from China is of pretty decent quality . The interchangeable side panels are a huge plus . The only thing I can complain about is the whole vest Velcro’s together ,time will tell how it holds up .
  • Easy fit (Infinitely adjustable)
  • Nice fit and finish
  • The whole vest is Velcro?s together
By Customer
Brockport ny
December 20, 2020
Works great, made great, can use it on both of my dogs because its so ajustable, very happy with this product
By Andrew J.
Good vest so far
December 19, 2020
Good vest great quality. Only issue is it is much stiffer than a traditional neoprene vest. Hopefully it loosens up with use
  • Super adjustable
  • Very stiff
By Brandon
Momarsh Versa Vest
December 19, 2020
I have a 50 pound Pudelpointer and this thing fits great. We are early in the season but the vest has performed flawlessly. Don’t love the price but the fit is great and if it holds up over time it’s worth the money.
  • Fit, quality, looks
  • Price
By william c.
Not bad but not great
December 2, 2020
My dog is in between a L and an XL so this seemed like right option. It does fit well but find a bit bulky and hot. Will be great for the late season
  • It will fit any dog and grow with them
  • Made very well
  • Will be great in very cold weather
  • Would not use in warm weather as it's to heavy.
  • Very stiff vest that limit mobility so what, maybe that will change with wear
By Brad
Versa Vest
November 30, 2020
A spendy vest for sure, but it seems to be made very well. I really like the custom fit it allows and the handle design is great.
By B
Subpar Material
November 30, 2020
Used 4 times and the chest plate is flaking off and cracking. Bought with high hopes and ended up returning it. Common complaint from many users.
  • Adjustability
  • Junk material
By Gary
Knoxville TN
Fit great on my smaller Lab
November 25, 2020
Wow. My small lab (55 lbs) has been tough to fit. This worked perfectly and we were fortunate to be able to have her retrieve about 70 ducks this weekend. No chafing and it kept her warm and dry in her new vest. Another great product carried by Gun Dog Supply
  • Custom fit works
  • Kept dog warm dry and concealed
  • Velcro is strong. Be sure to position right when you place on dog
By GirlwithGundogs
SW Nebraska
Versavest on deep chested dog
November 23, 2020
On our smaller German Shorthaired Pointer - the vest is perfect. On our 80# male - NOT so much. In fact it’s WAY too small. So now I have to order an extended larger chest panel. Hoping it will be useable with that option. Because as is from the box it’s not going to work for him. I also agree with the other poster - there is a LOT of excess material. Quality construction from what I see out of the box. But it is quite bulky. Even for a large dog. JS.
  • Well made
  • Good stitching
  • The manufacturer is supposed to send me a larger panel - we will see when it arrives, how it works!
  • Will NOT fit a deep chested dog without a larger chest panel
  • Requires a different chest panel
By Harry R.
Manzanita, OR
Versa Vest
November 20, 2020
Great Product...BUT: The dog can't enter the portable blind while wearing it because the top edge of the vest catches on the blind opening.
By Kevin
Central Washington
November 19, 2020
Previously had a reversible 3mm neoprene zip for my Lab Loved it Easy to Don This device is a Velcro nightmare Difficult to change panels Trying to hold the dog, and get a proper fir was not fun, and small adjustments are the same as major adjustments I used this in a short hair, Vizsla Granted this breed has a large chest, and is shaped differently than a Labrador. Used it once, dog got a significant chafing Positives: Very durable materials to protect from brush.
By Cale S.
Massillon, Ohio
Fix’s excellent
October 16, 2020
This vest fits my lab perfectly. The ability to fine tune and adjust this vest is absolutely worth the expense. My only issue with this vest was the D ring doesn’t really line up with the slot of the opposing panel.
Quality vest
October 15, 2020
I bought this vest because of the adjustability. I liked the idea that it will fit most any hunting dog.
  • Adjustable
  • No trimming
  • Quick to fit to the dog
  • Feels solid
  • Price
By John
Pretty Bulky
October 4, 2020
Bought this vest hoping to fix the problem of having an ill-fitting vest on my springer. She's 35lbs and lanky so the neck and leg holes on most neoprene vests are to big and allow too much water and debris into the vest. The versa vest is a very well made product but the fit still wasn't right on her. having the inner neoprene vest as well as the outer camo panels makes this vest very bulky. This wouldn't be a problem on a bigger lab, but its something to look out for.
  • Well made
  • Nice grab handle
  • Good zipper
  • Bulky
  • Excess material

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