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By Vicki B.
Murray, KY
Garmin Sport Pro 2 dog combo
May 16, 2024
I was really reluctant to purchase this because I already had a 8-10 year old garmin that I was happy with. I lost the remote so decided to get an entire new system. The remote is completely different than the old one (except that it is the same shape). I like the new toggle button to change dogs. It works for three different dogs. I have two so chose black and red to match the collars they sent. I don't like the dial for the shock amount as I have one Pyrenees cross who is very resistant and one aussie that only requires a low charge. the last controller I had you could set individual shock values for each dog. I haven't figured out how to use the bark collar yet, but I will.
  • Toggle for different dogs
  • Not able to set different shock values for each dog automatically.
By Bill
Garmin Collar
April 10, 2024
I just bought my second Garmin Collar. They are reliable and take a beating. There design makes them easy to activate without looking at the transmitter.
  • I haven’t experienced a problem.
By Joe
Ne Pa
Sport pro
November 9, 2023
Great unit , I ran 2 beagles and a lab on it for years, my 2 girls (beagles)have since past on and I just bought a new collar and remote for the lab. They are great and very reliable,garmin service is excellent. And the units are very durable.
  • Love the light o. The collar and the multiple ways for training, beep, vibe, and stim.
  • I honestly can't think of any!!
By Ben
Guntersville, AL
Great features for the money
October 7, 2023
This replaced a 20+ year old Tri-Tronics Sportsman. I've been very pleased with the additional features and overall quality of the unit. Very useful in training an energetic 17 month German Shepherd. I wouldn't be surprised if I got 20+ years service out of this e-collar as well.
  • Great features, easy to use. Rugged construction
  • Longest contact tips are a little shorter than my old Tri Tronics e-collar. With a German Shepherd have to make sure collar is really tight.
By Stanley
Great Product
July 26, 2023
My dog would ignore me and run into the neighbor's yard. He knew the what "No" and "Come" meant but choose not to obey. I used the collar for two days correcting him first giving a warning tone then a shock if he did not I respond. He obeys commands now.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to abuse
By Kirk
Great price, great product, great shipping!
July 25, 2023
Fantastic product, and great company to do business with.
  • Great Product
  • Good Working Distance
  • Rugged
  • Easy to Use
  • Price, but to be expected.
By Ed
Well designed compact dog trainer
July 12, 2023
Feature rich compact Garmin multi dog trainer with easy to use controls. I also have the garmin Pro 550 plus has tracking features that is somewhat bulky that comes in handy if you have a it runners dog. The Sport Pro is great for everyday dog training and fit in a pocket.
  • Compact transmitter and easy to pair with second dog collar. Easy to use. Also has bark collar features built in.
  • None
By Tim
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Very satisfied
July 7, 2023
Beau has been extremely responsive to the collar since I first started working with him. The video was also very helpful.
  • Ease of use. LED lights for night.
  • I have not had any negative experiences
By WyCoBackpacker
Works on Long, Thick Double Coats
July 2, 2023
We have rough collie and were concerned this collar would not work through her thick double coat. We tried other brands, and they did not work. This collar works! We just need setting 4 on the electric stim. We find that the tone (beep!) is enough to redirect our collie's attention 95% of the time. This is helping her learn not to run up to other dogs or people without permission, to stay close on outings, and to not chase wildlife. Note: The vibration doesn't seem to work with her thick coat.
  • Elec stim orks through thick double-coat on a rough collie.
  • Tone works fantastic to redirect dog.
  • Vibration too weak for thick double-coat of a rough collie.
  • Handheld device often gets flipped to other collar settings--this could be corrected if Garmin made the switch between collars have 3 slots, with neutral in between, as it would need more work to change and it would not happen by itself.
  • The collar part itself is very cheap.
bend, oregon
sport pro
June 17, 2023
have been wanting to upgrade from an old (25+ years) Tri Tronics simple short range shock collar for a long time. this new (to me anyway) collar that i can adjust on the fly and also has tone/vibrate modes along with the led lights is EXACTLY what i've been needing. always hated using the shock feature to just control an exited dog when the tone/vibration option would suffice to clear the temporary deafness and ear wax buildup that sometimes occurs during hunting. the light fixture is great too as we walk out in the dark some days and i let him happy time on the way back to the truck. great delivery speed on my order, thanks again from myself and Fynn.
By Jason B.
Massillon, Ohio
Easy to handle and adjust
June 8, 2023
I’m very happy with the size of the remote. It fits in my hand or pocket without being cumbersome.
  • Size extra settings
  • I wish it had high, medium, and low on each level.
By Julie
Susquehanna, PA
Great collar
May 30, 2023
This collar is easy to charge and use. I use the tone for callback and only use the stim if they ignore the tone. We can go walking the dirt road, fields, and woods in total freedom. Definitely have to do the initial training in the yard until the dog understands what you are asking. My dogs come running when they hear the collar being turned on because they know they are going on an adventure!
  • I can charge both collars and the remote at the same time. I can hang the remote on my belt loop where it's always handy but not in the way. I also like that it only goes to 10. It's easy to figure out what Stim level works for each dog when a deer or turkey excites them in such a way that they'd rather not listen to me.
  • I would prefer a collar that just clips together instead of trying to remember what hole I had it in last time.
By David
central illinois
best for any dog owner
May 18, 2023
The only complaint I have is that the transmitter should be optic orange in color. Great product
By Hollis G.
Petersburg, Texas
Great Item
May 11, 2023
Long collar, easy to configure, works great. I got this for my Boykin and haven’t had to get past 3 with it. I like the extra functions. I haven’t found a use for the vibrate yet. Overall good product.
By Tina
Great collar
May 3, 2023
We have been using the Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport Pro for about a month now. I primarily bought it for my eleven month old black lab. I really like the vibration feature, and I love that it lights up. The bark limiter worked like a charm on my beagle that likes to bark when he’s bored. So far I’m very pleased with this collar.
  • Long lasting battery
  • Vibration feature
  • LED lights
  • The charger feels cheaply made.
By Armando
Carpinteria Ca
Garmin Tri Tronics Sport Pro
April 29, 2023
The e collar was as described in the video reviews within Gun Dog Supply’s website. Works great I like the ability to dial in the intensity level on the wheel of the remote. The video with Robin is extremely helpful. I am very happy with the purchase! I highly recommend this product.
  • Everything about the system.
  • No cons
By Roger
Huntington Beach, CA
Instant problem solver!!!
April 25, 2023
Used the Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport Pro for about 3-minutes with a well-trained Golden who was just not 100% reliable to recall with distractions and precise heal command (he lost focus and wondered at times). Problem solved! He's been in training with a professional for 2-years with treat motivation exclusively. That works most of the time, but "most of the time" isn't good enough.
  • Liked "fit" in my hand. Especially liked the location of the intensity dial so I can use the lowest setting most of the time, but easily bump it up a notch or two if needed. He has a lot of fur around his neck. The longer prongs were necessary. Nice that they were included. The training video was very helpful as well as the on-line training and blogs.
  • Just pricey, but worth it.
By Bill
Works like a champ
April 25, 2023
I purchased the Pro Sport to help with my training. Excellent product. Works very well. Would recommend as a training collar for sure.
  • Easy to use
  • Always check the toggle switch for the appropriate collar as I have bumped it and the collar would not work
By Bill
TX Hill Country
A valuable piece of training gear.
April 25, 2023
Adding the utility of a bark limiter to a great training collar makes this a most valuable training aid.
  • Easy to switch between bark limiter and training collar.
  • Can't think of any.
By Shannon
Ash, NC
Excellent training tool
April 21, 2023
My dog trainer recommended this collar for my young rescue dog, who is high energy and inclined to run throughout our 15 acres. The collar reminds her to come when called and not wander off into the woods. Easy to use and effective.
  • Easy to use. Rapidly recharges.
By Marissa M.
Trusted product
March 22, 2023
I've had these collars for a few years now. Replaced my old TriTronics collars (remote broke, couldn't get replacement) for this one. Never thought I'd care or need the bark limiter but it has come in handy. Love the light. I can't believe how long they last before needing charged
By Michael H.
Sport Pro
March 22, 2023
I am very pleased with the product. The only complaint I have is the only way I con get the $30.00 rebate is online and requires a photo of the receipt. I do not have a way to do that and they will not accept a mail in rebate. As I said I was pleased with the product even though I haven't used it yet. I am considering returning it because I was not able to get my rebate.
  • Top quality and appears to be easy to use.
  • Can't get the rebate
By Ivan
Solid collar
March 21, 2023
The collar was an upgrade from the Dogtra Arc. I decided to purchase the Garmin due to the tone and light features. The design is solid and easy to operate…very happy with it. Our Italian Pointer had no issues with adjusting to the tone, which works flawlessly. Thank you Garmin. And thank you, Steve and the rest of the team at Gun Dog Supply!!
  • N/A
  • N/A
By Oma
Great product. Great support
March 21, 2023
I’m a 74 year old woman with two hip replacements and back issues. This is my second brand of electronic collar. I’m not a hunter but need a collar for my very headstrong, rather large rescue Lab, Rottweiler, Beagle cross. I know! He’s conflicted, but a fun loving happy dog. This Garmin collar is easy to set up right out of the box, is easy to understand and easy to use the hand held controls to really dial in what works and use no more than necessary. I’ve put a lot of hours of training into my dog and this collar will help to advance that even more. I had one question during my ordering process and I received an answer immediately. This collar is far superior to the first one I had which was another well reviewed brand of similar cost.
  • One small thing: the button to turn the receiver on and off can be a little tricky with old arthritic fingers.
By Mike
Easy to use product
March 21, 2023
I like the ease of use for this product. The company was easy to order from and had quick delivery.
  • Ease of use.
  • None so far
By Kenny O.
Game Changer
March 21, 2023
The Garmin Sport Pro was a game changer for me in training our dog. He understood when I wanted him to come, but even with a treat as a reward often chose not to. The training collar made him understand that I was serious, and his attitude completely changed. He rarely needed more that one stimulation a day during the first week of collar training, and almost never after two weeks. The collar can beep or vibrate as well as stimulate, and the beep is all that he needs anymore. With the collar we were also able to stop him from chasing cars in our driveway in only a couple of sessions. Our dog is apparently more stubborn that the dogs in the training video, and would completely blow off the low levels of stimulation, the level where you could see he felt something but was not too bothered by it. However, one stimulation that bothered him (3-5) was enough for the day. My wife was very hesitant about using a training collar on our dog, but we are both now completely sold on its value.
  • The ability to beep and vibrate as well as stimulate.
  • None for me.
By Patrick
New york
Garmin Sport Pro
March 3, 2023
The size of the transmitter is perfect. I love the option of the lighted collar. My biggest complaint is paying $350+ for the product and there's no clip or lanyard with the handheld. That's an accessory for $13 and the other $12.
  • Lighted collar and bark setting
  • No clip or lanyard with the handheld
By philip
northern MN
Very Happy
February 11, 2023
Although Ij just recently bought and started using these I'm already excited and pleased with the results. So appreciate a system that can accommodate the different training and safety needs of my two Springer Spaniels one age 11 years and the other 18 mo. old. I value the video tutorial re the system as well as the support of the Gun Dog Supply team. thanks much
By Ed
New order, very easy to use so far
February 9, 2023
Only had this e collar for a week, but so far I'm finding it very easy to use, one hand control and easy to find the correct button while watching my dog.
By Bonnie
Excellent so far
January 27, 2023
This is my first time with any kind of electrical collar, and so far it is working very well.
By Andy G.
AL Alabama
Great Unit at a Great Price
January 26, 2023
Great collar and price for what you get. The bark limiter is a great feature and easy to use. Very pleased with this purchase.

Merchant Response:There is a slot on the bottom of the transmitter for a loop style lanyard
  • Compact and well constructed
  • Haven't found a way to clip to a lanyard while hunting
Central Ohio
Too soon to tell but quality seems excellent & unit seems durable
January 25, 2023
January weather in Ohio is too miserable to do much outside with the pup but the unit is charged and ready to try - do we're not really experienced with it yet I did previously own an ancient Dogtra unit decades ago and this unit is light-years above that unit Most of the unit is intuitive, just like owners Rob & Steve Snell of Gun Dog Supply said it would be. I like the "warning" vibrator and the "positive" tone a lot as it allows me to give the dog signals at distance before the "static" stimulation has to be used. The free ($0.01) DVD & training lead for startups is very informative/useful for my wife and I, we may even buy the expanded set for more advanced ideas
  • 1 - being able to turn on the marker lights at distance for evening runs & walks
  • 2 - vibration & tone buttons as warning/reward system
  • 3 - three collar expandability
  • 4 - no transmitter LED display to try and read in daylight
  • 5 - simple 4 button front panel
  • 6 - tough poly shell
  • 7 - simple turn dial that makes stimulation and button uses easy
  • 8 - transmitter and receiver are each so small and easy for me and the pup to carry
  • 9 - battery charge holds a very long time compared to my ancient unit which didn't last a day even
  • 10 - auxiliary on dial "re-purposes" front 4 buttons to keep transmitter simple
  • 1 - nothing in literature on how to turn transmitter/handset on (it's the lock-out feature dial)
  • 2 - markings on dial are extremely small for my old eyes
  • 3 - don't really need the barker feature in my case, just adds more unit and function light complexity
  • 4 - Tried it on my hand and felt nothing until level three - might as well start there and put less/bigger numbers on the dial
  • 5 - hard to remember what all the different lights mean when turning the receiver/collar unit on/off
  • 6 - Garmin could easily include a method, in each box, to clip the transmitter onto belt or a lanyard for the neck
By James
Richlands, NC
Best collar ever!!!
January 24, 2023
This set up is absolutely amazing. I went from frustration to happy on day one. Does exactly what it was designed to do. Thanks to the many previous reviews, I picked this set up without hesitation.
  • Everything!!!
  • Can't find one.
By Ro
Central islip ny
Excellent easy to use
January 17, 2023
This is my 3rd of the same collar . I have an older version as well . It'd still great 16 years later I purchased this one to have the bark limiter in the same collar. I recommend this to students as well. User friendly and sturdy. Love ot. Highly recommend.
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
By Gary F.
Toulon IL
Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport Pro
December 14, 2022
I purchased this e-collar for my high energy two year old lab. He came trained but I needed a newed collar so I chose the Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport Pro product as I had used an older Tri-tronics before with great results. The trainer recommended this one to use. The new features are a good improvement giving some extra(vibration/tone) reminders for training. Adding the safety light is fantastic as I duck hunt public land and have to carry in decoys in the dark. It really helps me keep track of where he's at, plus I could set him on the shore to be the marker for the blind in the dark. That's part of the fun. He's just learning and I'm just learning with him. He is a house dog and we do use it for house manner training also. I would recommend this product. I'm having fun! Gary Forlines Toulon IL.
By Dave
South Central Kentucky
Garmon Sport Pro
November 1, 2022
Great collar. Simple to use. Like having all 3 functions without having to reprogram like his previous collar. Mostly just use tone and vibrate, but 3rd option is always there. The light is an added bonus for night walks.
  • 3 functions in your hand at all times.
  • Lanyard not included.
By Clint
Great product. Simple remote.
October 31, 2022
I just got back from a week long ND pheasant hunt using this remote/collar. I am a first time e-collar user and was completely satisfied with the operation. The remote was simple to use. I like the small size of the remote. One thing to be aware of is the remote did not come with a lanyard or belt clip. I had to order those separately.
  • Compact remote
  • Simple operation
  • Does not come with lanyard or belt clip.
By Alissa
Scottsdale, AZ
Satisfied with purchase
October 21, 2022
I would recommend this product. Bought it to aid in training of my two dogs - an Akita and a Catahoula. We hike every day and it works great for fine tuning their off leash listening skills.
  • Easy detailed instructions for first time use. Handheld device small, comfortable to hold, and is easy to toggle back and forth between dogs. 10 levels are enough to manage the range needed for various circumstances.
  • Not easy to get positioned, even with longer contacts, on my Akita due to her undercoat. Going to clip a small section of hair to resolve the issue.
  • Would love it if there was a remote option for multiple dogs that allowed for individual intensity levels to be set.
By Castle
Must Have
October 16, 2022
Recently replaced the older model we had for 16 years. I’m loving the extra features on this newer model. I love the vibrate option and the beacon light. I REALLY love that the beacon light is activated from the controller & not the collar. That way you can turn the light on to see where your dog is in the dark.
  • Helpful training tool
  • Gives my dog more freedom to wander without the fear of loosing him.
  • Controller fits comfortably in hand
  • Lanyard
  • I haven't found any
By Annie
Game changer!
October 11, 2022
Really loving this collar. We don't hunt but are always outdoors. eCollar training has given our GSP the freedom to fully and safely enjoy all of our adventures together. The collar is very reliable and the charge lasts a long time. The beacon lights are great for exercising in the fall/winter as it continues to get dark earlier. Customer service was helpful answering all my questions as I tried to narrow down which collar was best for us.
  • water proof, reliable, easy to use, lots of features, beacon lights, room to grow if we add more dogs to our family.
  • i wish it came with a lanyard
By Doc
Medina ohio
October 7, 2022
More than I wanted to spend but worth every penny!
  • Too many to list
  • Wish it came in orange
Great functioning collar
August 24, 2022
I had a tritronics collar in the mid 90's for coonhounds . I love the simple functions of this collar . You can easily train off of beep, and vibrate buttons without looking with minimal hands on with controller .Money well spent I couldn't be more happy so far , not sure about range as I 've not had any issues as beagle stays within 300 yds.
  • Ease of use from functions on controller.
  • I haven't found an as of yet
By Grace
Harbor Springs, MI
Best collar!
August 17, 2022
Will definitely be getting another one for our other dog when she’s old enough!
By Harold
Russell Springs, KY
Garmin E-Sport Pro
August 10, 2022
I love the Garmin ESport Pro collar and handlheld controller. Very durable and weather proof, very simple to use, able to control more than one collar at a time via a simple switch at the top of the controller, and very versatile. I’ve used these collars for dozens of pet clients. And currently use it with my narcotics patrol K9. As a trainer and a handler keeping it simple most often works best. The controls are so simple children can understand them. So if the kids are with the dog, and proper training and teaching has been conducted, you can effectively teach children to train, maintain and control their pet very easily. The stem is unique as well, as it’s not staticky, more of a pulse like tins unit. With an easy dial that is simple to go up or down, and my personal favorite are the headlights, as I call them. The collar is equipped with 2 LED lights that allow you see your dog quickly at night as well as provide the dog with light to see. All in all, the Garmin E Sport Pro, is an around e collar, for pets, service dogs, hunting dogs, sports or working dogs. Small, lightweight and simple to use. Can’t ask for more than that.
  • Lightweight.
  • Portable and concealable.
  • Multiple collars controlled from one remote.
  • Easily switched into a bark collar.
  • Durable.
  • Weather and dropped proof( I haven't seen one break yet)
  • LED lights on collar which aid in locating your dog, or providing light to see for the dog.
  • Simple to use.
  • I genuinely can not think of anything wrong with it. That's why I like it so much.
By Randy
Western WI
Garmin Sport Pro
August 1, 2022
Simple to use. Relatively small receiver (fits my 45lb WPG perfectly). Fair price for the features included.
  • Simple to use
  • Size
  • Features for price
  • None so far, battery life TBD...
By Al K.
Rock Springs, Wyoming
Hesitant but desperate
July 6, 2022
We’ve got a Great very smart and precious six month old Black Lab. She’s very eager to please however, when it came to jumping on people, young and old 🥴 and not good at leaving things she shouldn’t get into. Shock collars seemed to an abusive way to get her to mind, but we didn’t want her to injure an infant or elderly person. We have previously purchased a Bizzie Bed from Gun Dog Supply and were very impressed with it’s quality, so thought we would try a satisfaction guaranteed E-collar. The DVD was very helpful, and we began by trying the tone and vibrate mode. Got her attention and briefly worked, but found shock setting three really caught her attention without being too traumatic. Long story short, we’ve taken down our carpet protection barriers and she stays on the designated areas in our house. When we tell her to leave something we don’t want her to be messing with indoors and outside, she MINDS! Absolutely a great tool and can be used with gentleness, compassion and kindness. Highly recommended but like any other tool, there is a learning curve.
  • Works Great
  • Could be misused or abused, but in the right hands with kindness and patience it is an invaluable tool
By Julie
Finger Lakes, NY
Just what he needed!
July 5, 2022
I bought this for my son and his dog. Device was great, quick turnaround. No problems with the product to date. He’s loving the progress he is making with his pup.
  • Quick shipping and great communication!!
By Dan M.
Bella Gives Her Seal of Approval !
June 24, 2022
Simple to use, effective, love having three types of alerting: tone, vibrate, and stimulus. Great range and having the lights is a plus. Our Vizsla, Bella, quickly learned just based on tone. Love the product and would highly recommend.
  • Simple to use, effective, love having three types of alerting: tone, vibrate, and stimulus. Great range and having the lights is a plus. Our Vizsla, Bella, quickly learned just based on tone. Love the product.
  • Will need to get into a regular habit of recharging, do that and you are good to go!
By David
Excellent training collar and controller
June 17, 2022
I got instant results with the Garmin Pro Sport collar with my 7 month old lab. He used to pull us down the street when we used a retractable leash but when we put on the Garmin collar, he quickly stopped and now walks side-by-side with us, a huge improvement. And he responds to the "vibrate" setting as well, so we don't need to zap him. One criticism is that the user instruction pamphlet is not great - but after a few tries, both collar and controller work great.
By Paul S.
June 8, 2022
I am currently begining the initial collar conditioning. We are moving from sit to the know commands step by step. I like the easy button features and simple 1-10 stimulation adjustments. The dogs are being trained for avalanche recovery using the same program a waterfowl or upland hunter uses.
  • Size easy to operate
  • Stay tuned

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