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By Raya
My Favorite E-Collar
November 15, 2021
For my first hunting dog, I bought the basic Garmin Delta collar. It worked great, but when I got my second hunting dog I knew I wanted this collar to handle both dogs. The Garmin Sport Pro is everything and then some. I love the ease of it for both dogs and the beacon lights are a bonus as my black lab mixes are hard to see at night. Great product and from my experience with my previous collar it will last a long time.
  • Tone
  • Vibrate
  • 3/4 mile Range
  • Easy to use and control levels of stimulation
  • Beacon Lights
By Dick
Schellsburg, PA
Tri-Tronics Sports Pro
November 5, 2021
Have had Tri-Tronics products in the past and this product maintains the high standards that I have had with the past products
  • Simplicity of use, features of the product
  • Charging cables could be made more user friendly and simplistic
By Linda
Shrewsbury, PA
Great collar
November 4, 2021
I got this collar on the recommendation of a Pro that I’ve been working with. What I like best is that it actually takes a little use of your finger to raise the level so it won’t accidentally move if you stick it in your pocket. It’s easy to switch between multiple dogs and the anti-bark feature is nice. Definitely a great collar in my opinion.
  • Easy set up
  • Easy to switch between dogs
  • Hard to accidentally raise shock level
By Scott F.
Great training tool
November 2, 2021
This training collar has made training our 11 month old rescued German Shepard alot easier... I also recommend getting the training dvd. He is responding to just the tone now, highly recommended!
  • Easy to set up and use and the training DVD us very helpful
  • I bought the pocket clip for my handheld, and it has to be removed to charge the unit.
  • It's not hard to take on and off, but I wonder how long before it's broken from taking it off
By Cindy
Boerne Tx
Great training collar
November 2, 2021
We bought the Garmin Sport Pro because we had a dog that was a challenge to train when off the leash, incessant barking. I liked the Barklimiter feature of this product because it gradually increases intensity as the dog barks. However, our dog "talks" a lot so we have disabled the barklimiter but the normal mode with a vibration and manually controlled shock has worked exceptionally. Love this product
  • Easy to use
  • Great features
  • Battery seems to last a long time
  • A DVD with the collar.....who has a DVD player these days!! I found the video online, but why send the DVD, just give people the online location
By Mike
Cedarburg, WI
Great E-collar for my Lab
November 1, 2021
Just ordered and received my Sport Pro to replace a previous Tri-Tronics collar that finally died. Delivery date was earlier than promised (Thanks!!) Controls were very similar (and simple to use) when compared to my previous collar. Receiver seems to be a couple ounces lighter and smaller that my prior collar. Really like the lighted collar feature when letting her out at night. One more safety feature to help keep our wonder dog safe. Would highly recommend for simplicity and ease of use. The charging system is more simplified than my old collar as well. Battery life looks to be much improved as well.
  • Ease of use, charging system, reduced size and weight of receiver.
  • The receiver now uses a 3/4 inch collar v. the previous 1". Can't use my existing day-go pink collar that I had. (My brother has two labs and uses orange and chartreuse to tell his apart in the field.) Not that big of a deal....
By Dale
Martinsville, IN
Great Collar for Versatile Labs
October 30, 2021
Great collar and simple to use transmitter. Works for training, upland hunting, and in the water. Our dogs are trained to ‘come’ to the collar’s tone, cutting down on noise like shouted commands at a distance or whistles. Reliable, great battery life, and simple selection among multiple collars. Bonus: Gun Dog Supply had a great price, and shipped it immediately. Thanks!
By Brent
Great Product
October 28, 2021
Works as described. High quality.
  • The mess of charging cables is quite strange. I'm not sure why it is designed this way. There are 5 different cables to piece together.
By Randy
Jacksonville, FL
Garmin Sport Pro Two Dog Combo
October 27, 2021
My wife and I have two Brittany puppies with oldest being 6 months old. We were looking for the right tools to help us with training. Since we are new to Brittanys we did our research for the best methods to train. The e collar was one of the tools we wanted to add to our toolbox. Steve Snell’s product review online was invaluable to help us decide which system to purchase. The Garmin Sport Dog Pro is the right unit for us. The unit was easy to set up and learn to use. The training CD that came with the unit from GDS is also very practical and easy to follow. We are excited about reaching the end goal of well trained pups. Thanks Gun Dog Supply for your help.
  • Easy to set up and use.
By Colby J.
South Texas
Very happy & satisfied with product!
October 26, 2021
I was a little bit skeptical at first because of the price. I was previously using a SportDog collar that I used on my black lab before I got the GSP I have now. It was OK for what I was using it for at the time, but I always knew it was lacking certain features to really maximize the dog's potential. That collar up and broke one Friday right before a weekend bird hunting trip in south TX, so I order this Garmin collar off of a friend's recommendation. Boy was he right. This collar has an extremely long battery life for only taking 2 hours to fully charge. I can use the collar for an entire weekend on my GSP (taking it off at night) and still have battery left over. This collar has more stimulation levels then the SportDog, which comes in handy when you need fine tuning while working the dog. I also enjoy the LED beacon feature on the collar, due to the fact we hunt up until dark and having a dark brown dog, it becomes hard to keep track of him at dusk. All in all, I see myself getting a few years of consistent usage out of this collar due to how durable the collar and remote are and how easy it is to operate.
  • -long battery life
  • -effective at great distances
  • -no "weak points" in the collar for water to leak in during duck season like charging ports
  • -lots of loops on the collar allowing for more adjustability and comfort for dog
  • - has tone, vibe, and stim levels for any situation
  • - the remote is a little bit bulky and doesn't come with a lanyard which would be nice if it was included
  • - price is a little high, but justified after using the collar
By ken B.
SW Luoisiana
So far so good
October 20, 2021
Great product!
  • No touch screen, easy to use.
  • Non
By Whitney
Great product
October 19, 2021
Highly recommend
By Denise
Awesome training collar
October 16, 2021
I am using the collar on my 6 month old Golden Retriever. I use all of the different settings based upon what we’re doing at the time. I especially like the Bark Limiter and so do my neighbors.
  • Easy to set up, charge and use. Well made and durable.
By Tom M.
Great E-Collar but strap needs improvement
October 13, 2021
E-Collar works great, but the 3/4" strap is terrible. If you're working your dog in brush or if they shake after getting out of the water the strap will roll over so the probes are facing out. It needs to be wider to prevent it from rolling. The problem persists regardless of how tight the collar is around the dog's neck. If the strap issue is corrected I would absolutely recommend this E-Collar!
By S
Works great
October 13, 2021
New to e-collars, had been working with the pup for 7 months, she had the basics down but was rough at execution. One week of working with the e- collar and she polished her act!
  • Love all the features, easy to use
  • Charger wires are messy
By Jon
Lost Rabbit, Mississippi
First eCollar - works as advertised
October 6, 2021
I bought this for a 5 month old Wired Hair Pointing Griffon for obedience training. Watched Steve’s videos and started to purchase a larger Garmin unit with a tracking feature. Reconsidered mostly based on the practical issues of this size of the handheld device and the low likelihood that I would let this dog out of my sight for the immediate future. After two weeks of use, I am very happy with the device. It was easy to learn to operate and I am glad that I went with the smaller remote. The video was very helpful. The bark features work well. The dog does not seem to mind wearing the collar, although he figured out the connection to the remote very quickly. The controls on the unit are easy to use without looking at them. I like the tone feature and use it to verify that the unit is working. I sometimes forget to turn the collar on before putting it on the dog.
  • Easy to use controls, no need to see them.
  • Remote fits my hand easily.
  • Good features, like the tone option.
  • Helpful video included.
  • I have not figured out how to keep the remote handy around the house. I tried both the lanyard and the clip. Neither have proven to be good solutions.
By Christine
Southern Indiana
Superb product
September 30, 2021
I had a different set of training collars but the remote to use them was complex and too difficult to operate with 2 dogs. My son had this one and it's super simple and works fantastic. The collars on his are a few years old and have held up perfectly. Mine is still new but I expect they will hold up like his did. The shipping from this seller was fast and they had the best price that I could find for the 2 collar set.
  • Ease of use. Waterproof.
  • None. I love it.
By Benji
South Carolina
September 25, 2021
Only had it a couple weeks. Seems to work great
  • Smaller and lighter than the older ones I have had
  • Couple use more levels of stimulation. But is still nice
By JustinR
Perfect for me
September 24, 2021
This is the perfect product for our needs. Have been using for a few weeks now. The handheld size is just right. Range is perfect. Operationally the buttons and controls are simple and very easy to use which lets me spend more time focusing on our dog. The collar fits great and i like the easy on / off button on it. Great product.
Best collar system for multiple dogs hands down
September 15, 2021
Excellent collars . I work alot so the light features are great for early morning walks & evening!! Easy to use & simple to set up
  • Light feature
  • Holds charge for days
  • None so far
By Karlton
Garmin Sport Pro Collar
September 13, 2021
So far so good. This is the same collar that our dog trainer used on our started Lab pup. Easy to charge, sent up and our pup has responded well with very few corrections. Can't wait to watch the free DVD. Wanted to buy this at the local Cabela's, store Inventory said in stock... none on shelf... was told oh... it's on the truck.... it should be on the shelf within the next few days.... The store employee said I should just order it on line.... poor customer service. I went online all right! I did an internet search and I found Gun Dog Supply which advertised "We have in stock what we sell". Ordered online from them. Not only did the get my collar on time, they threw in a training DVD and a check cord. Now that is customer service.... Gun Dog will get my business from now on!!!
  • Works exactly as advertised.
  • Wished to collar was in orange and not black.... Easier to find if some how it came undone and was to fall to the ground. ( I'm just being real here!) other than that no other cons...
By Brian
Excellent training tools
September 10, 2021
My GSP was very wild. Recent adoption and had no discipline. Within days he is much better on his leash and learning commands. CD is excellent. Great learning tools for me and my GSP
By Derek
Grand Rapids, Mi
Learning as we go
September 7, 2021
Using an e-collar for the first time on 2 dogs - a 2yr old Gordon Setter and a 6mo old Springer Spaniel. We purchased the DVD as well, so we can also learn as we go. Our 6mo old is fiesty and very bullheaded. Even after being "shocked" she would still go back to the trouble. The 2yr old is more timid and she already knows her basic commands, but has regressed some with the pup.
  • Ease of use.
  • Single hand use.
  • Would be nice if the selection dial was backlit or settings were glow in the dark.
South Texas
This one has everything at the right price.
September 7, 2021
The collar works great. Put it on our 9 month old black lab Toby. He took to learning with it instantly. It’s has helped me to take his obedience to the next level. I can’t be happier with how it has worked for us. The remote fits in my hand perfectly and is light weight. The 10 correction settings is plenty. I’ve never had to use it over number 4. The Light on the Collar is wonderful having a black lab so we can keep a eye on him in the dark. Unless you let your dog run far off into the brush. Or they chase down animals at long distance. I don’t see needing more than this unit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to charge
  • Long charge life
  • Simple operation
  • Led light on collar unit let?s You know it on
  • Night light
  • The control for the setting of the collar turns up or down very easily, a couple of times while working in the field it has gotten turned up or down by bumping against my arm or body.
By Ralph B.
Oxford Pa
Ok system
September 7, 2021
Know customer service. I had to get help from somebody I knew.
  • It works well after you get it figured out.
  • Didn?t hold a long enough charge and know customer service if you have questions.
By Donald W.
2173 RICHMOND Chapel Road Victor WV
A great e collar
August 30, 2021
Well satisfied with collar works exceptionally well
  • Controls well set up
South Carolina
Great two dog non-hunting collar system
August 27, 2021
Very easy to use and intuitive when dealing with two dogs simultaneously. Cannot speak to the ruggedness as it’s only been a few weeks. I have no reason to think it’ll be any less than previous Tri-Tronics collars I’ve had. 4-stars because only been using a short time. Otherwise 5-star.
By David
Omaha, Arkansas
Great e-collar.
August 27, 2021
I have had a few different collars through the years but this collar has it all. I was really amazed how they packed all of those features in a collar that small. The led light is amazing to be able to control from the remote. I love it. Great product.
  • Amazing collar with a lot of tech. packed into it.
  • None
By Jeff
East Montpelier, VT.
Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport Pro
August 25, 2021
Appears to be high quality components, very good feel in your hand. I think a low, medium, high on each level would be better for me. Level three on this unit is more than i can take on continuous, i will say my dog learned very fast to be able to take him on hikes through the woods. i have yet to run into any distractions like animals or other people. I don't have to press the button at all anymore. It did what i wanted now i am going to work on making him heel beside me when i am in public areas. Oh i didn't tell you what kind of dog he is. He came to us as a rescue dog from Connecticut at 9 months old and we thought he was a black lab but turned out to be part hound also so he really liked to run with his nose on the ground oblivious to every thing around him.
  • very well built works well
  • I think all 5 videos for training should come for the price of the unit.
By Kristin R.
August 24, 2021
Wish the collar was a clipped together rather than a buckle. With the buckle it is hard to know if you are putting it in the exact whole as you did the time before.
  • Wish the collar was a clipped together rather than a buckle. With the buckle it is hard to know if you are putting it in the exact whole as you did the time before.
By Greg
August 21, 2021
The Garmin training collar is fabulous! Results achieved in 30 minutes. Smart dog and an easy to use product made my life easier. Getting a collar for the second pup as well. No need to shock, he obeys now with only the warning beep. We received it within 6 days! Thanks Gun Dog!
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Rechargeable
  • Effective
By John
One of the best
August 4, 2021
When I first picked up the Garmin Sport PRO I was skeptical. I had ordered it for one of my dogs whose old Dogtra ARC unit had broken. Coming from electronic collars that have 100 levels or more I was concerned that I had chosen a collar that was way too hot for most purposes. However, I still purchased it, set it up, and began to use it with my dog. I could not have been more wrong. The consistency of stim, the ease of use, and the superior design of this collar has made operating it and communicating with my dog a breeze. Before I would struggle to keep the level of the remote collar at a level that my dog could feel it—especially while she was in drive. This is not an issue with the PRO. She normally works on a 1 and only has ever went up to a 3 whilst in drive. I couldn’t be happier with this collar and will probably only order it from now on. Thanks Gun Dog Supply for allowing me to make an informed and quality purchase.
  • Great design
  • Consistency stim
  • Great battery
  • Could've been a brighter color. The dark green makes it easy to misplace
By Sheri
Western NC
Quality Products & Great Customer Service
August 3, 2021
Garmin has a reputation for making quality products that are widely available so the decision to purchase from Gun Dog Supply is more about ease of ordering, return policy, quick shipping and price. GDS delivers on all those marks. There order confirmation process and shipping notifications truly feel like they are a small business that customer service is an important part of their business model.
  • Quality Products
  • Price Competitive
  • In-Stock
  • Quick Shipping
  • Order Tracking/Notification
  • None
By Alex P.
Nice features and works well in the field
July 29, 2021
Good system simple but effective
  • easy to use
  • good instructions on how to use
  • Lots of great features
  • Multiple dog capability
  • good range in the field
  • Lack GPS but that would cost much more
By Del
Bossier City Louisiana
Best Ecollar
July 23, 2021
My Brittany responds very quickly, setting is at 3 only, he mostly responds to tone or vibrate. It lasts for at least days (8 hours) in between charges… I’ve owned several others, but this Garmin Sport Pro is the best at the price. Gun dog supply is the best and fastest delivery of products.
By Scott
North Carolina
July 8, 2021
I am extremely happy with my purchase. Super easy operation and absolutely no confusion with the toggle selector switch when working with my two dogs. I only with I hadn't waisted my time and money (a lot of) on other controllers.
  • Works better than described
  • Still looking
By Jack C.
Eagle River, WI
July 8, 2021
Would have liked a little more info on how to use...toggle switch, collar/leash configuration, vibrate, tone, shock differences, tips, etc. Otherwise, figured most out with trial and error.
  • Well built
  • See above
By Dominique K.
Channahon, Illinois
July 8, 2021
I train dogs and this is my favorite ecollar to use and to recommend. It has the state of the art built in barklimiter, a super bright night light and the easiest remote to operate. I work with aggressive dogs, dogs with high anxiety, dogs that don’t come when called and dogs that run. THIS is the BEST collar for the families I help. It’s RELIABLE AND EASY! Don’t worry about the price- this collar is 3 in 1!
  • Easy to operate
  • Waterproof
  • Built in barklimiter
  • Works 5 football fields away
By Charles
Good dog training aid
July 7, 2021
This product functions as advertised. It is a valuable tool for training your dog.
By Mike
GDS and the Garmin Tri Tronics Sport Pro
July 7, 2021
Not being known as one for many words this will be a short review. The Garmin Sport Pro is as advertised. It is an excellent collar when used properly. I have personally trained my own retrieving dogs for water-fowling since the mid-90s and didn’t start to use an e-collar until 2010. I’m certainly not a professional trainer and use the collar only as needed, but I will say it works exactly for it’s intended purpose when needed. I bought this collar after watching the product video Steve so kindly took the time to make. Which brings me to purpose for this review. Gun Dog Supply, in my opinion is a first class store with first a class product line for near any type of dog training or dog care. There is a wealth of information on this website that will help novice and pro trainers alike make informed decisions on products they wish to purchase. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone who needs training supplies over other well known e-commerce sites. Steve, is clearly I pro and I personally appreciate his no BS product overviews. Oh and one last thing…. I have a runner who likes to visit the neighbors. At night he’ll take off through the woods hit the road and you’d never know he’s gone. The lights on this collar lets me see him making off through the woods. A simple tap of the vibe button on this collar turned him around so I didn’t have to spend half the night looking for him. That means extra sleep and thats priceless.
  • Collar lights, multi collar ability.
  • Not sure I care much for the tandem rig used for charging the transmitter and collar. It works just seems a bit messy.
July 7, 2021
I have tried the cheap brands thinking there all about the same, do the same thing, I was wrong and that is not easy to say (lol). The quality build, robust design, ease of charging and above all, the results. Game changer for me . My only regret is My wife will only let me have one dog. Get this product you will be glad you did.
By Tom
Cedar City, UT
Easy to use and it works
June 28, 2021
Bought this one for my headstrong Lab puppy after talking to a friend with a similar situation. The instructions are clear and the individual buttons for types of stimulation are easy to manipulate even without looking. The rotary dial for stimulation level works well and changes smoothly. Maybe too smooth and easy? I'm finding that it the level changes sometimes when carry it in my pants pocket. Surprised the pup once but now know to check the setting. when it comes out of the pocket. It doesn't happen on a lanyard. It worked like I hoped it would and after a few weeks the pup responds well to the Tone and Vibrate keys for basic commands. Highly recommend this unit.
  • Simple user interface
  • It works
  • Almost too easy to change the level. Maybe a little more friction on the level wheel?
By Phillip
Rock Hill, SC
Game Changer
June 23, 2021
As a first time owner of a German Shorthaired Pointer, I was struggling to know how to get to the next level of training. With this collar, we have made tremendous progress with not only off the leash obedience, but general listening and awareness.
By Erica
Fort Worth, Texas
Safe, effective and easy to use!
June 11, 2021
This system came highly recommended by our dog trainer. It is very easy to use and our dog has become so much more well-behaved.
By Mike
Pittsburgh, PA
Great Product
June 9, 2021
Great product, like the fact it has 3 options, tone , vibrate and stimulation. In training my new puppy, vibration is as far as I need to go.
  • 3 options, excellent DVD, complimentary 15 foot leash
By Linsey
It works amazing!
June 2, 2021
My dog is a hound/terrier mix (I know help me). I wanted to be able to let him run free in fields but learn to stay in eye sight. He would just shake off standard shock collars on tone, vibration and shock! I looked into hunting collars as he could be used for hunting and wow I saw such a huge difference. Even on vibe, he coming back when called. I highly recommend getting the DVD as well as it has influenced the way I train with the collar so much, in a good way of course! My boy can sometimes have the deep hound howl or the high pitch cry of a terrier. The bark limiter on the collar works to help keep the noise to minimum because I do allow my dogs to bark and cry a little bit as they are dogs and that is how they can communicate with us.
By Jamzm
Western PA
Works great
June 1, 2021
This unit is easy to learn and operate. Many times, you can skip the electrical zap and using the tone or vibration features. Made a big difference in the way our possessed aussiedoodle behaves during a walk. At times, the devil dog ignores the tone and/or vibration and does his own thing. That's when you try the zapper. Luckily, the amplitude of the signals can be adjusted. And there is always some level of amplitude that gets his/her attention. You just need to be sure and put the collar unit on snugly. There are many devices like this on the market, but the ones I've seen just don't have all the features or don't work as well. The quality and durable appearance gives you confidence that if you follow use and care of the device, you really can't go wrong.
  • Very effective
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to get familiar with the operation
  • Available one cent video to learn the basics
  • Some getting used to is expected
  • Not sure about the effects of water on the collar or control unit
  • You would think that the collar needs to be water tight
  • Don't let the attached image fool you. He's a wild animal who is now mostly controllable.
By Anne
Excellent training tool
May 29, 2021
Our dog was a runner and wouldn’t listen outside of our yard. This collar has been awesome. In 2 days our dog was behaving! We only need to use the vibrate button now. The Garmin Sport Pro is easy to use and we are very happy that our dog obeys. We can now travel with him and feel confident that he won’t run away.
  • Easy to use!
By Adam
Cedarville, Ohio
Great product and price.
May 26, 2021
This is my first training collar. After a much research I decided to purchase this one and was not disappointed.
  • Tone and vibrate buttons
  • None yet
By Lea A.
Webbers Falls, Oklahoma
Great, easy to use e-collar
May 22, 2021
This e-collar is easy to use and I love the fact that I don’t have to choose tone OR vibration like lots of other models. Both are accessible from the remote. The remote is the perfect size, not too bulky or too heavy.
  • Vibration and tone both accessible
  • Long range
  • Perfectly sized remote
  • Light on collar so easy to see my dog at night
  • Long battery life....used for 2 weeks, everyday training sessions for one dog and haven't charged it yet.

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