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By Butch S.
Edwardsville IL
Garmin Tri-Tronics sport pro
January 27, 2021
Ordering this device from Gun Dog Supply was recommended by our trainer. Haven’t used yet as our pup will be going to obedience training next month.
ProsHighly recommended by trainer.
Garmin Sport Pro
January 23, 2021
Replaced a Sport Dog 1825. Chose this for added feature of bark collar. Overall good collar. Sport Dog has larger range of stimulation settings. Both have shock, vibe, and tone. Don’t think you could go wrong with either system. Garmin has more features. Garmin does not come with lanyard. Kinda disappointing to spend $400 and have to spend more to keep track of the remote. Charger system has more connections than necessary, lots of pieces to loose. Somewhat over come by long battery life.
ProsFeature rich Long battery life Multi dog
ConsNo lanyard included Charger system
By Pete M.
Training collar
January 21, 2021
ProsVery easy to use
Mission Viejo, CA
Sport Pro
January 20, 2021
My previous collars (from 1992) were TriTronics 300 models. This new TriTronics Sport Pro model has new features: A tone & a vibrator. My one dog is somewhat oblivious to shock, but hates tones, so all I have to do is press the Tone button & she responds. I'm working to see each dog's response to the various buttons. Operation is very intuitive, which is important since you don't have time to pause & think before pressing a button. Also, I really like the other improvements over my old 300 collars: 1) Battery level indicators for both the remote & the collar, and 2) Turning the collar off with a simple button (vs. removing a stubborn plug). By the way, the fact that my TriTronics 300's lasted 28+ years, albeit with sporadic use, says a lot about the TriTronics brand!!
ProsVery intuitive controls. Tone, vibration & shock options. Battery level indicators. Compact.
By Debbie T.
Findlay, Ohio
Greatest Customer Service & Best product on the market!
January 19, 2021
Please do yourself a favor and watch Steve's video. THIS is the best introduction to assure us dog owners that we will be purchasing the device that humanely assists us to train our dogs. While is is compact, and utilizes the ability to control barking, bad behavior, un-controled behavior, etc --- it enables the owner/trainer to easily reinforce Good Behavior by encouraging the dog to respond to positive rewards by actively paying attention. I talked to Steve's person (Duane - I believe) a couple of years ago about a much older Tri-Tronic Model that I had. He was knowlegable, personable, and professtional. I knew then that I would some day be ordering from Steve's trusted company. Thank you Steve, and your associates for "Good Old Customer Service", and offering the Sport Pro at an affordable price. God Bless You!
ProsVery easy to learn the aspects to ease of use. Compact. Endurable materials on collar, as well as receiver & transmitter. Basic settings easily achieved - without there being too many or too technical. Remember: KISS (Keep it simple stupid) No offense intended. Charges fast and maintains charge. Excellent design on charging cord which only uses one outlet, by the way. Multiple collars available for implementing additional dogs to this one device system. Range is tried & true. I have always kept my thoughts open to: We (humans) are in reality training ourselves. The Sport Pro just "helps" !
ConsNon what-so-ever! Please don't hesitate to purchase.
By Helen
Albuqueque, NM
Good product and Great store
January 15, 2021
I am a 64 yr old lady who has never used an e-collar before. I got one because my 11 month old heeler/border collie mix is extremely hard headed. She is also very active and must be allowed off the lead or one or the other of us would probably end up dead. As she became a bit older and bolder she was not responding to my verbal commands 100% of the time until she got around to it. This was too dangerous for her, as we have coyotes in virtually our backyard. A friend who is a hunter suggested the collar and your store. I'm very glad I called! I had no idea the type I should get or how to use one. Your staff was helpful in getting me the correct collar and the CD was invaluable. I especially liked the way she showed the differences depending on how "trained" your dog was already. Frankly, since my pup knew the commands just didn't always want to do them, she responded extremely well after only a couple days of following the videos guidelines. I only had two issues and both were resolved by your staff in two separate phone calls. First, I couldn't figure our how to charge the collar and handheld piece. OK, so maybe I'm not the most techy or mechanical minded person, I have other fine qualities. Anyway, your guy explained how to do it in about 5 seconds and then it was easy. I called one other time because I wasn't sure if you could keep a pinch collar on with the e-collar as the pinch collars are steel. Again, in 5 seconds your guy answered my question, that it was fine. I totally appreciate all your help and I think the product is great. I will definitely recommend both to others. Also, kudos to your staff for not making an old lady feel like an idiot!
ProsEasy to use and understand. Effective immediately.
ConsIf you have a smart dog, which unfortunately I do, then she may not respond as quickly to commands unless she has the collar on. This is not a feature of the collar per se.
By Arthur
Bear Lake, Idaho
Works very well for a young wirehair/gsp
January 10, 2021
Excellent customer service. Refreshingly quick and honest in their replies and suggestions. We decided on the Garmin collar for several reasons including reliability, simplicity, one-handed operation, three functions - tone, vib, stim. The two stim options - manual duration or burst are good to have on separate buttons. We worried our young, submissive pup would react too strongly to stim, but the low settings on this collar are so light she doesn't even respond to them. She responds well to the number 4 setting, or 5 when the situation is too exciting. The running lights are great for low light and night. The training video is also helpful. My daughters are watching it too. I'm a casual hunter without any formal dog training expertise. I cover a lot of ground hunting, and have fun. I want the dogs to stay close and perform reasonably but I can't spend lots of hours on training perfect obedience. This collar has made a bight and day difference. Well worth the cost for us and it was a pleasure working with the shop.
ProsSturdy Simple/easy to operate Reliable 3 modes to communicate with dog (tone, vib, stim) 2 buttons for stim (manual or burst) Works great in the snow and wet Running lights
ConsNope. It does what it says it will do.
By lizzy
replaced my 15 year old tritronics
January 6, 2021
Great product for training my wirehaired pointing griffon. He is a high energy dominate pup who is the most determined puppy I have owned in my 70 years. I purchased this with the bark feature which I don't really need because a little punch on occasion with the regular setting has been sufficient to train him barking without purpose is unnecessary.
ProsDial setting for intensity control is excellent design which replicates my Tritronics unit. In emergency situation flipping it to a more intense setting can be accomplished without visual reference.
By Matt
Works as promised. Highly recommend.
January 5, 2021
Received the collar, transmitter and DVD as promised. The collar and handheld device appear to be well constructed and feel firm in your hands. Not too flimsy that it appears to flex when you push the buttons, and not too heavy that it will be a burden to carry. It comes with a mount for a belt clip, but one isn't included. There is a lanyard attachment gap at the bottom of the handheld, but it is very narrow and won't allow for any kind of loop even as big as a shoelace. You're only option out of the box is to carry it in your hand or put it in your pocket. The unit is fairly compact, so working it with heavy gloves on will be a challenge. On the other hand, you'll appreciate that feature in the summer. The controls are fairly intuitive, but it pays to read the owners manual first and give the unit a full charge before trying it out. We took the time during initial charging to watch the DVD. Great instruction, even if you aren't a first time user of electronic collars. After charging the collar and putting it on our 8 month old 35 lb female foxhound, we determined that she responded to stimulus in the 4-5 range and 6 got her attention really fast if she was highly distracted. We've never had to go any higher. The tone and vibration modes work well, and after just a few sessions she seems to respond better to hearing the tone. Overall a well built combination that works exactly as advertised and would be a perfect choice for training upland hunting dogs, family pets, obedience training, or agility. I haven't tested the range, or whether the unit is waterproof. I would read reviews from Lab owners or someone who has far-ranging gun dogs before buying if you think that may be an issue.
ProsLightweight but sturdy construction Intuitive controls Works exactly as advertised
ConsNo belt clip or lanyard included Smaller size, while a feature, might be difficult to work with heavy winter gloves.
By Lab G.
Guide and Trainer
January 5, 2021
The transition from my old TriTronics Sport Upland G3 has been smooth. It was easy to get used to the new buttons as they are much like my old collar. Changing dogs is easily done without looking. Toggle switch is in spot that you will not accidentally move the switch. I like the position of intensity button and that it clicks so you know how far you are moving it. Again positioned so you will not unintentionally bump it it. Like that it has 10 levels.... not 100 like some collars. That is just too confusing for most clients of ours. Big flaw (and why I did not give 5 stars) is the narrow collar, which many of the brands use now. I do not know why they are doing this. I think it is less comfortable for the dog and easier to over tighten and choke off air to a dog we want to run marathons. If my extensive research revealed a product I liked with wider collar I would have switched. The 4 times I have used this it has worked well and easy to use.
ProsEasy transition from old TriTronics Sport Upland G3 Buttons and toggle switches in good positions. Intensity button clicks so you know how far you are moving it.
ConsNarrow collar.
By Gardendogs
western Oregon
Great training device
January 2, 2021
Our GSP (9 months) is good on recall when she is close - and when she is not running 30 MPH in the other direction. The e-collar helps us get her attention. The website videos, as well as the training DVD are invaluable. We particularly like the variety of options to get Bea's attention. The LED light could be a life saver!
Proseasy to use great instructional videos
Consnone that we can see
By David
Aspen CO
Good Value
December 31, 2020
great training aid and it is waterproof unlike cheaper alternatives.
Prosdurability, waterproof
ConsI wish the collar itself was a bit wider
By Jerry
South Dakota
Best collar ever
December 30, 2020
I have used every brand of collar made. I have been training hunting dogs fir 40 years. I have had this collar for almost two years now and it really make hunting and trading easy. The bark collar system works great. The lights for night time yard duties work great for seeing the dog in the yard. I will buy another one if this one wears out. Thanks Garmin.
ProsEasy to use buttons and beeper sound is great. Easy charging.
ConsLanyard attachment. I used a lanyard from another collar control I had.
By Keith P.
June Lake California
Garmin Sport Pro
December 26, 2020
First thanks for the excellent customer service and fast shipping from the folks at Gun Dog Supply. I had an older Tri Tronics unit which worked good but finally gave . This new Garmin model is light years ahead of the older unit in its ease of use, effectiveness and compact size. The hand held unit alone is worth the upgrade, its small size and the ability to operate with gloves on makes it perfect for those cold days out with your dog.
Good so far
December 23, 2020
Have used in the field twice so far and works as it should.
By Greg
Grand Lake CO
Great !
December 23, 2020
Great product with perfect range to walk our dogs off leash on trails. Easy, no look controlls with handy extra features like the bark limiter and lights. I have recommended this to our friends that walk thier dogs off leash on the trails for better control and recall of thier pooches. Had a great experience purchasing this product from Gun Dog Supply. I recommed Gun Dog and this product. Greg
Proscompact, can be used on a lanyard around your neck easy no look controls extra features like bark limiter and lights goof price point
Consrange may limit use for hunting
By updateCategoryParent
Oklahoma City
Works Well
December 23, 2020
I have a 6 month old GSP, he is a typical rowdy bird dog. This product works well for me and him considering my overall plan for the pup. I specifically appreciate the tone, pulse and then stimulation if the other 2 don’t get his attention. The lighting option along with the no bark option provides me with everything I need to keep my companion safe and visible at night while running one last time before kenneling. Overall I would buy this product again and have recommended it to friends and family already.
By Craig
Garmin/ Tri -Tronics Sport Pro
December 22, 2020
I’ve had Tri-Tronics collars for years. After many years of use two of my collars bit the dust so I order two Garmin Sport Pros. Really nice collars and controls. Collars are a little smaller than previous collars I have owned,which is nice. Built much better where the strap goes around the receiver. Transmitters are smaller with many options built in like: vibrate ,tone and built in lights for walking at night. The transmitters have many more options as to intensity, so I am better able to adjust for different dogs. I would strongly recommend these collars to anyone who is thinking about e-collars. I use them for upland and waterfowl. Just as a side note I have also owned sport dog collars and the Garmin Sport Pro is more durable and better made.
ProsQuality , Size, Multiple options on the transmitters. Easy to use
ConsNone. Will buy again when needed
By Kurt
Central Nebraska
Super collar
December 22, 2020
I also have the Garmin Delta, I much prefer this collar because of the transmitter. It is much easier to change between dogs and significantly easier to change intensity while using the collar.
Prosease of changing between dogs ease of changing intensity
By Jim E.
Bakersfield California
Garmin Sports Pro 2-dog Combo Review
December 21, 2020
This is my second Garmin Sports Pro 2-dog Combo that I have purchased from Gun Dog Supply. The review of this product was spot on, and I could not be happier with the collar or Gun Dog Supply.
ProsEvery Thing
By Bill
Quality product and priced right for the features
December 21, 2020
I have had several Garmin products over the years but this is the first dog e-collar. This is my third e-collar in the past 15 years and the best one so far. There is not much that I don't like about it but here are a few things that might improve it. 1) I wish that this model had an available loud beeper option that could be added. 2) I wish the controller was available in orange (so that I can find it more easily if I drop it. 3) I don't know if the shock levels are similar to other collars. With my other collars and other dogs, I would typically use a level 3 or level 4 momentary stimulus for correction. With this one I'm using level 7 and 8 and my pup is only 6 months old. It makes me think that this one has lower levels because I don't think my pup is any less sensate that my other dogs in the past were.
ProsGreat size. Proper range. Easy to find controls without looking. Quality feels good.
ConsStimulus levels might be less than other e-collars? Wish it was available in orange (the controller) so that it would less likely to get lost in the field.
By Rich
Rocklin Ca
E collar
December 20, 2020
This is my first “e” collar and so far it’s exceeding my expectations. Perhaps it’s the pup too. If you haven’t trained with an “e” collar before, be sure to spend the extra buck and get the training DVD & check cord. Both have come in very handy. Read all instructions first & watch the video. You won’t be sorry.
ProsSignal strength, ease of use, battery life per charge.
ConsLanyard for handheld remote sold separately with no mention of much needed accessory in the description.
By Heath L.
Western, Iowa
Excellent Collar
December 20, 2020
I bought this collar, wanting something that would be easy to operate but do everything I needed it to do. I have an 18 month old German Shorthair Pointer and it works great on her. She responds well to the tone and the collar will bite if ya need it to. Excellent tool, that works when its 10 degrees or 50+. Battery lasts a long time and the controller battery does to. I've charged it twice in all the times I've used it.
ProsGreat collar for the price. You won't be disappointed. It works great and is very affordable.
ConsOnly con is if you want to track the dog it isn't able to do that, but it has an excellent range of 3/4 of a mile.
By Doug
Works Good
December 20, 2020
The dog collars work good. I am able to control both dogs when out hunting.
ProsI like that I can control both my dogs with just one control.
ConsSometimes the control does not stay pared up and have to keep reparing them to the controller.
By Joseph
Phenix City, Alabama
A godsend
December 20, 2020
My doberman is very stubborn and I trained him using a pinch collar. He was good on leash, but when he would escape through the front door he would not respond to commands. Utilizing this Garmin sport pro a few times on walks instead of the pinch collar familiarized him quickly with the method. I can now walk outside with him off leash without him running away and blowing off commands. I can tell the difference in his behavior too. He loves the freedom he enjoys on nature walks and if he gets too far I can just use the vibration feature to call him back for a check-in. It also helped break him of jumping/humping on everyone, and lastly the remote bark limiter feature is great. Instead of having to initiate bark limiter from the collar, it can be done with the remote. This feature is great, because of my dog escaped the yard while in bark limiter I can remotely go back into correction mode to recall him before a scared neighbor calls the police. My only regrets are that I didn’t buy this solid piece of equipment earlier in training.
ProsSolid construction of device and transmitter. Remote switching between bark limiter and correction mode.
ConsI'm a leather guy so I'm not a fan of the plastic-ish strap but it does seem pretty resilient so I'm sure it'll last. I wish it had a quick correct button to provide a high level of stimulation when the dog needs a quick correction. This would keep me from having to rotate the stimulation dial or look down at what number it's on. Basically it would prevent a lag in correction. I can nudge the dog with a 3, but if he decides he wants a cat, car, or squirrel, I want to be able to overcome his attention on those items quickly.
By Gary
Awesome product and company
December 19, 2020
The collar is awesome. Steve , Thanks for the recommendation!!! Have a 9 month Lab. Learned very quickly with your video and tools Thanks FYI. Refreshing to work with a company and folks who know what customer service is Other company should take lessons from you all
By Cousy
Excellent Collar
December 19, 2020
Collar has helped bring our 10 month lab along. His recall in the field has improved tremendously in just a few weeks. Change for the better began immediately, and it was by only using the tone command.
By Rob
Ham Lake MN
Garmin's great training tool
December 6, 2020
This is a fantastic tool for training my dog. The DVD was very helpful in getting started. Only have had it for a few weeks so haven’t explored all possibilities.
ProsEasy to learn and use. Placement of buttons makes for easy use. Like the lights for locating when its dark outside.
ConsCords for charging can be confusing.
By Seth
Fort Collins, CO
Great tool
December 6, 2020
I've been running this collar for 4 years on a pair of bird dogs, suites me just right. Quick toggle to switch dogs and simple buttons provide look free operation. This product is bomb proof... i use it daily, dogs swim with them. Had a trainer give me hard time for not using a collar with more settings, but i know my dogs, 90% of the time vibration gets the response I need, and it's almost never seen a setting above "4" (10 being the harshest). It is one of the best overall and most reliable peicie of gear I own. I do with the handheld transmitter was more Hi-visibility, but minor issue. Highly recomend.
ProsRugged, simple operation, good charge time after 4 yrs
By Tommy F.
Kentucky (KY)
Excellent system. Great choice
November 23, 2020
I bought this unit in July from I have been extremely pleased with this unit. The battery life is unbelievable. My labrador got used to it quickly and it has greatly increased our time together when we are working. One of the greatest aspects I have found to be the tone in the vibrate feature. Even though he is 88 pounds, he responds very well to the vibrate into the tone at great distances. So much that I have seldom used the other features. I highly recommend this for someone wanting to train their own dog. This thing just seems to keep him out of trouble. What a great product PS the personal service I received from gundog supply in the follow up after work of this purchase is why I will return to buy again from gundog supply. Thanks
ProsGreat battery life, easy to set up, great well thought out features.
ConsNot sure at this time. This thing has worked so well for me
By Heidi
Great Customer Service - Appreciated Training Assistance
November 22, 2020
We are moving into our new home on a wooded lot shortly with our 3 Vizslas, one a recent rescue and needed a radio collar for three dogs. This product is working very well, simple to use. Also, Gun Dog Supply was very easy to purchase from and appreciated the extra training instruction.
By Ken C.
St George Utah
Just a Dog Lover and Hunter
November 17, 2020
Why should you believe me? My shooting skills are much better than my computer skills, which are both I must contact the folks at GUN DOG SUPPLY by phone occasionally. They are very knowledgeable and very patient, to get me sorted out. FAST DELIVERY COURTESY FAIR AND HONEST They ALWAYS exceed my expectations. GUN DOG SUPPLY is the prime example of what internet SHOPPING should be. Ken Carlton, Assistant Pheasant Hunter to SKEET a pointing Lab
ProsFast delivery and always feel good when dealing with your hem
By Ed
Cape Cod
November 15, 2020
Easy to use . Holds a charge. It works exactly as I thought it would. Thanks.
By Mike
South NJ
November 11, 2020
I had an okder version of this collar for my previous dog/s. I loved it but always wished the handheld control was smaller. This new version is 100 x’s better. Smaller handheld w/many added features. Seems just a good quality & as durable as the previos one I had and that lasted me 15+ yrs.
ProsQuality Reliability Packed w/well thought features
ConsLimited accessories selection and that's reaching to say anything "con"
By DanZ
Just what my dog needed
November 8, 2020
Great price. Quick shipping. Had an issue with the video but they sent a new one right away, so also excellent customer service. As for the Sport Pro itself.... was very easy to set up and learn how to use. Didn’t realize it but my brother bought the same one for his dog, also from Gun Dog Supply, over 4 years ago and he swears by it. Would absolutely recommend this.
By Jerry
Halfway OR
replaced the old Tri-Tronics
November 6, 2020
Used the new Tri-Tronics Sport Pro a few times chukar hunting this fall an am pleased with the as well as the old one and the charging system is much improved...nice not to have to mess with batteries for the sender. Gundog supply is a great place to shop on line...shipping was fast an communication was excelent
Northern MN
Great Training Collar
October 30, 2020
Training collar is easy to use and has some great features. Lights work great for locating and making dogs visible at night. My first Sport Pro is 5 years old and is used everyday. I have never had a issue with it.
ProsTraining collar is easy to use with the buttons and dials. Collar running lights are very useful for locating dogs at night. Also, useful for locating collar when it fell off in training pond!
ConsCollar should come standard with belt clip.
By Corey M.
Central michigan
E collar
October 16, 2020
Solid construction and gets the job done!
ProsWell built. Love the light!
ConsNone so far.
By Wendy J.
Easy to use and understand: "push and play"
October 14, 2020
I bought this collar for my husband, who found the 3 button system on my 550 annoying in moments of frustration while dog training! This one suits his needs (for retriever hunt test training and hunting) perfectly. Just pick a level, then all you have to do is push m or c! Just wish they made a form-fitting bright orange sleeve, like a cell phone case, since it's hard to see if dropped.
ProsThe built-in slot for a carabiner or lanyard on the transmitter is very useful, as is the compact, 'pocketable' size.
ConsThe numbers on the dial require reading glasses once you reach a certain age! The straps on the old Tritronics receivers were much sturdier
By Andrea
Garmin e-collar
October 12, 2020
I'm a first time e collar user, so I was pretty hesitant to make the leap. I have an energetic Lab who can't walk nicely to save her life, and I wish I'd done this a year ago. I still have people who think I'm the worst owner ever but too bad. The online help was so helpful in selecting a model and getting the confidence to start this. I'm happy with my choice, price was good. Shipping was actually FREE to Hawaii, usually there's a little * in the small print. Thanks for that. My one complaint is the DVD that came with this offer, pixelated about halfway through. So the one episode I wanted on Heeling was a scrambled mess. If you read these, maybe a different disc or a link to online?? Thank you!
Merchant Response:Andrea, Sorry to hear about the trouble with the DVD. We'll get a replacement headed your way! Thanks, Ben
ProsI like the more manual format, I don't have to look to adjust the settings and know the location of the buttons by heart. Good price range, shipping was actually free with fast delivery, even to Hawaii . Website help was awesome. The range of settings 10 is adequate, a friend suggested way more but I don't know that's necessary. Instruction manual that came with it was good, that and the DVD is enough to get you and your dog outside and moving.
Consdisc was pixelated about halfway through ,so can't get details of the one lesson I wanted. Otherwise no complaints
By Andrew
So far, so good.
October 11, 2020
Would give it 5 stars, but the charger clip had a production fault that should have been caught by Garmin quality control. Other than that, works great. Gun Dog Supply was fantastic. Sent new clip the day I called them.
By B
Ranch in Colorado
October 11, 2020
We received a rescue giant year old Old English Mastiff/Cane Corso cross who just might outweigh me. Upon arrival, she considered chickens fair game and cats a type of personal squeaky toy. Horse poo and cat scat were her favorite yummy snacks. She was enthusiastically dragging me everywhere on her walks. When she rough housed with the other dogs, furniture got tipped over.
ProsWithin a week, using the low numbers, she has become an angel and joy to be around. She now and then gets a warning vibration for rough housing. She responds immediately to the warning. Outside she walks loose, rarely wears her collar. She completely ignores cats, chickens, horses and their poo.
ConsThe only negative thing about this collar is how long I delayed in making the purchase. Already I have recommended it to a friend.
Outstanding device
October 10, 2020
Took the time to watch provided CD. Great training tips. Device works awesome and training has been a fun experience.
By David
Summerville, SC
Excellent Training Collar
October 1, 2020
We purchased this collar a couple of weeks ago, and it has made a significant difference. Our dog is normally very well behaved, but needs correction from time to time. We had a cheaper model from another manufacturer we purchased on line that had limited range and inconsistent performance. This is a much higher quality product with consistent performance. Additionally, although we didn't think we would use the LED light feature, it has proven very useful as we send our dog out in the early morning and are able to locate him in the dark. (He's a black lab). Consistency is everything to not only us, but the dog as well and his performance and our stress level has dramatically improved with even less use. A quality product at a very reasonable price.
ProsQuality Performance Ease of use
By Bob
Toms River, New Jersey
Garmin Tri-Tronics
September 26, 2020
I am very impressed. Love the one hand operation, the buttons are well placed.
ProsGreat size , easy to operate
ConsThe belt clip is a must it should be included.
By Tracy
Great Product
September 25, 2020
Sturdy and reliable - having an e-collar on my GSP has completely changed my life. She now comes when called and I no longer have a fear of her taking off into traffic or the woods (never to be seen again!). In comparison to other dog owner's e-collars, this Garmin is super high quality, built well and never loses connection. Would highly recommend.
ProsWell made, easy to recharge and use.
ConsWould prefer a smaller remote.
By Alvin
Decatur, Tennessee
Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport Pro E-collar
September 25, 2020
I have trained pointing dogs since 1988 using various brands and the Tri-Tronics collars always seemed to work best for me, I recently decided to upgrade my old Garmin collar to this Sport Pro and it works great, I really like the green light you can see from a distance so you know it is working correctly. I also like the number dial as opposed to the digital way the old one worked, so far I have no negative remarks about it. Be sure and order from Gun Dog Supply for best price and quick shipping.
ProsCan correct 2 dogs using the same transmitter
ConsNone so far
By Ernie
Great product and great price
September 24, 2020
Showed up rite on time and is a great collar very easy to use and was a great price for this unit.
By Bob
Venice, Florida
Does what it says it will do.
September 23, 2020
We have a 16 month old Catahoula using the Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport Pro. It's working well, easy to use, relatively comfortable on the dog, and easy to clean dirt off of. We've used other collars in the past and this is as good as what we've used on other dogs. Thank you for a quality product.
Prosnumber of features - tone, vibration, nick waterproof quality because here in Florida we have a variety of waters - salt, brackish, fresh ease of cleaning ease of charging simplicity of instructions usefulness and humaneness with a breed that is very strong willed
Conszero so far
By Ralph
Minden, NV
Perfect choice of collars
September 23, 2020
Had collars for about 2 weeks now. The 2 collars allow us to use 1 remote for both dogs with ease. The top switch colors match the colors of switch making it easy to teach my wife how to operate. The collar itself is built tougher than the other collars we have had. We live on 5 acres in coyote country with little fencing. The boys know that with the beeps they are to come and sit. The younger one responds real well with less than #4 correction when needed usually when he is amped and he will change his focus back to the operator. The older dog knows that a correction will follow if he does not obey the beep so he is fairly obedient. Both collars fit comfortably. The head lights allow us to find the dogs at night as we only have star light once sun goes down. The bark limiter we use on the younger dog when inside and he is slowly understanding that barking is not allowed unless there is a real threat. Easy to set from remote and switching between modes. Hoping to not use after the learning is done. Great product for how we use the collars to keep the boys safe. We are hoping the water rating holds up as we have not been to the lake yet. Thank you Gun Dog for your help with the selection.
ProsEase of use Collar color matches remote settings Switching between modes is easy Headlights for night tracking Bark limiter easy to switch into from remote Doesn't seems to bother dogs wearing Tougher built than others Last 3 days on one full charge Green flash of LED makes night time easy to see dog
ConsReally haven't found any as they were plug and play Wish remote came with a belt clip

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