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By Dave
Again, love the concept, but...
July 28, 2023
Similar to the past reviews of others, a great concept but a weird lack of manufacterer response to over 12 years of reviewers pointing out the need for a plug or cap to reduce spillage and prevent dust and bug entry. When wedged in amongst other gear and on pavement, water loss is minimal. When bouncing around off pavement, there's likely to be more slop.
  • Love the speed at which one can make water available to their dog.
  • Like the volume.
  • Read the room: an attached plug/stopper should be included.
By Linda p.
Pgh pa
Water for all
July 27, 2023
Have three of these. Use them inside and out for three big dogs. Hold a lot and are not as sloppy as a regular bowl. Highly recommend
By Tim S.
Huntington Beach California
May 11, 2023
Always searching for the bowl or water and trying to keep from making a mess in the truck on trips.... Those days are over with The Drinking Spot. It holds about 2.5 gallons of water. This makes giving your Dog,Cat or yoga Goat something to drink quick and easy. I would love to see them come up with a plug system in the near future, however I just have a small dish towel folded in the opening and that works great! Buy a couple.. you'll love them. I even replaced the shop water bowl with one of these. Keeps the bugs and slime out of the water.
  • Hold lots of water
  • Does not change the taste of the water after sitting.
  • Sits upright when not in use
  • Dogs love it.
  • no, plug.
By Sean
Great value for the money
March 28, 2023
Solid construction.
  • Solid Construction
  • No access to clean or stopper for the inlet / outlet. I added a boat cooler stopper.
By Vic A.
Improvement over milk jug cut with utility knife
October 25, 2022
Good product, used in van with dogs on long road trips. Does what it is supposed to do. Constructive criticism would be the section where the dog drinks from is shallow.
  • Serves its intended purpose well
  • Some spillage. If used in vehicle recommend rubber floor mats
By David
North Carolina
Great concept, needs refinements
October 13, 2022
As other reviewers have mentioned, this is a good product that could be great. The size, ergonomics, and simplicity of use is great, but where's the plug and drain? If you're carrying water in your truck, naturally, you want to cap it off so it doesn't slosh or tip over and spill everywhere. And after you wash it out, you'd like for it to drain completely and dry, so there isn't any mold growth. I bought it knowing these things in advance, but for $50, I'd think you could put a couple of refinements on it. The drain could take some figuring, but a cap is a no-brainer. Why haven't they included that yet?
  • Size, ease of use, ergonomics
  • No cap, no drain
By Dave
Simsbury, CT
Works well for a single dog
September 14, 2022
It holds a lot of water, which is the reason I got it. I use it for when I take my dogs to a field to throw tennis balls to them. It's tough to get more than one head in to drink, but I suppose that's okay. The one thing I didn't like is the fact that I can't drain all of the water out of it and I'm worried about what might grow inside when I store it for the winter. From a design standpoint, I would have put a hole in the top and fit a rubber plug in it so I can get all of the water out.
  • Holds lots of water.
  • As I mentioned, I can't drain all of the water out of it.
Water carrier
June 30, 2022
Great product, only issue I have is I needed to buy a plug so the water doesn't spill while I travel. It was an easy fix just used a rubber stopper.
By John
Granite Falls WA
My bearded dogs are sloppy drinkers!
May 2, 2022
The concept is good, but my experience is that the drinking area is too shallow and too low to the ground. Thus, water gets everywhere. I will be contacting gundog supply for a possible return!
  • Large capacity!
  • Makes a mess with my dogs.
By Ben
Lakeland, Georgia
dogs love the fresh water in hot weather hunts
March 7, 2022
have had over 8 years and still works great!
By Stuart E.
Troy, Michigan
Needs a slight modification
May 26, 2021
This works, but reviews noting the lack of a drain plug are correct. There is no way to properly empty this. That can lead to mold and mildew problems. I cut a one inch hole in the top and used a rubber plug to seal the hole. Without a plug, you would lose the vacuum that keeps the water from running out.
  • Allows bringing enough water to keep your dog hydrated, over the course of several hours.
  • As built, lacks a drain plug.
By Duane
Lewiston, Minnesota
September 29, 2020
Works well and holds plenty of water. Easy to clean.
By Bobby
Works great!
September 24, 2020
This thing works like a charm and is easy to carry. Has kept my dog watered & safe- just as intended
By Rob
Eastern Shore of Maryland
Better than lugging around a bowl and water bottles
September 18, 2020
Got two of these to try. One for my son's lab and one for my two labs. I find it is a lot easier to carry around this all-in-one product than a bowl and water bottles. Easy to refill. When your done just place the waterer in an upright position and go. My only "con" is that there is no drain plug. I wouldn't think it would affect the integrity of the waterer but I didn't design it either. Overall I think it's a good product for those travelling with pets/working dogs or using it in the field.
By Wayne
Alexandria Ky
Convenient item
September 17, 2020
Great it’s when hunting so your dog can have water whenever they want it!
By Bob
East Wenatchee Washington
Dog waterer
September 13, 2020
This item should have come with a plug, as a lot of the water splashes out on bumpy roads
  • Holds the right amount of water
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 12, 2018
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 12, 2018
This waterer is great for the field. It is easy to tote around for a hunt and works great at home to ensure my dog always has water available. Highly recommend.
By Chris D.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 11, 2018
For larger dogs, the drink opening and container volume should be increased. Otherwise, very good product that keep trash and mosquitos out of dogs water.
By Jay P.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 11, 2018
Needs a drain plug.
By Mike R.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 11, 2018
Good product,my dogs like,good out in the field. Could use a drain plug to get old water out and rinse it.
By Elizabeth B.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
December 5, 2015
The open area for the water to sit isn't as big as the pictures makes it look like. But other then that, it does work great and holds lots of water.
By Larry W.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
November 4, 2015
By Fred R.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 5, 2015
Works great. One improvement, I'd like to get a cork to seal it when moving. A little water sloshes out and dust can get in.
By Mitch R.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
September 22, 2015
Easy to use, but needs a plug when in transit. Dogs seem to like it.
By Paige B.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
July 5, 2015
Love the waterer and super easy ordering process! Great company to deal with! Thanks.
By David S.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
March 8, 2015
Great for hunting, training and testing.
By Tom V.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
November 10, 2014
Works great and large enough to hold enough water for 3 hard working hunting dogs!
By Mike
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
November 10, 2014
Perfect for hunting trips. Doesn't spill, and dogs drink just fine from it. No plug to lose.
By Teresa K.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
November 8, 2014
One of our pheasant hunting guests brought a drinking spot for his dogs, and I knew I had to get one. It is a wonderful product for carrying water for dogs while traveling and working in the field. No more bowls, caps, lids, buckets or jugs of water to keep track of. I love this product and plan to order a couple more.
By Jeffrey W.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 20, 2014
The best waterer you can have in your kennels, or take to a hunt to make sure your dog has clean water to drink.
By Rickey R.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 8, 2014
The drinking area is small. My dog actually laid down when getting a drink and water replenished slowly. The product functionality worked.
By Frederick G.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
July 12, 2014
This is my second, and I'm hopeful that the handle on this one does not start popping out, as the last one did. If it does, I'd welcome a recommendation for a strong plastic adhesive to keep it in place.
By Bill C.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
June 19, 2014
Works well, and provides a good amount of water in reserve to last on hot days.
By Lawrence C.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
March 5, 2014
Needs a higher lip around drinking trough. Spills a lot as it is. Messy.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
December 9, 2013
It's a bit messy. Water spilled onto the floor if I filled it full. We have put a towel under it to catch the overflow.
By Jim F.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
December 3, 2013
Nice capacity, but the dogs turn it over too easily. Why not offer a version with a bracket that can attach to a wall or fence?
By Deborah W.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
November 12, 2013
Love it! Convenient, travels well, and large capacity!
By Robert O.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
November 6, 2013
It just needed a plug to keep it from leaking during transit. Otherwise there's always water when the dogs need it. Good product, well built, durable.
By David D.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 31, 2013
Great idea. Could be made so much better by supplying a rubber stopper with a stainless steel eyebolt and tether cord, so you can transport a full container without spilling, and also to keep dirt out of the clean water. If you spend this much for a funny shaped plastic bottle, it should be the best piece of plastic you can engineer.
By Robert G.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 19, 2013
I like how sturdy it is, however, it would be nice to have a plug or way to prevent the water from leaking out when traveling.
By Philip S.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
October 18, 2013
Leaks water if not level. When in my hunting areas level ground is hard to come by.
By Janet
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
May 10, 2013
Love this for multiple dogs but need better way to clean it
By Margaret B.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
April 9, 2013
I found it difficult to clean. The male dogs will pee in the tray and ruin the water. I didn't favor it for long term use. Might be ok for a trip in the field but not good for everyday use. Being solid color you can\'t tell the water levels nor if the interior is clean or not.
By Dustin A.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
September 15, 2011
This is a great waterer that I can toss in the back of my truck for a working session or a week long trip. It holds plenty for multiple dogs, and has held up for a few years now. I liked it so much I have given them as gifts. The reason for Good not Excellent €“ I would like a way to clean it. Dustin Allemann
By Peter H.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
September 14, 2011
The durability of this product is excellent ! The amount of water it holds, 2 gallons is perfect, and the weight is just right. There are two things I would change, and these are by no means deal breakers for me owning this product. I am very satisfied! I would make different colors, blaze orange is what would appeal to me, and also maybe a little trap door on the top that would ease in removing any debris that got in side of the container. This would also help in the cleaning or washing out of the container, as well as if people do not keep clean water in these, or keep them in the sun in the kennel as a main source of watering dogs. They can build up harmful bacteria. That's my two cents. Thanks for the opportunity to speak. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Nick Hendrickson, FF/EMT-P, Minnesota.
By Joe P.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
September 12, 2011
Much better than using a regular bowl. At the tailgate, lot's of times the dog doesn't drink and you dump the bowl out before heading to the next covert. I love the ability to tip it back up and go. One improvement would be to include a stopper for the hole to keep the water from sloshing out in the back of the truck. It took me forever, but I finally found a tapered rubber stopper that fit at a farm supply store. The Drinking Spot waterer is a very good product.
By John E.
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
September 12, 2011
It holds a lot of water, has no moving or removable parts and is extremely durable. The only issue is spillage in a moving vehicle. I found a plastic dishpan which fits snugly around the Drinking Spot and the problem was solved. I would definitely recommend it to a friend, in fact I have done so more than once.
By Bryan
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
September 12, 2011
Do not overfill this waterer or when you turn it upright will pour out all over! Should have come with a cup with the proper amount to fill it because you really cant tell how much is in it until you turn it.
By Tim
Review for The Drinking Spot Pet Waterer
September 10, 2011
Real handy. It could use a plug to prevent spillage while bouncing down dirt roads. Great product.

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