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By Pat
S. Illinois
Dog vest
November 14, 2023
I love these vests - this is the second one I have purchased. I measured my dog (Vizsla - 46 lbs) and the chart said to order a medium but it was to large - exchanged for a small and it fits perfectly. His measurements were right at the borderline of small and a medium. Small fits perfectly with plenty of adjustment in the buckles still. I like how the size is now listed on a tag on the vest - this will save a lot of time next time I order one.
  • Very nice vest - plenty of adjustment in a small for my 46lb vizsla. There is a label on the vest that says what size it is. This will help next time I need to order one.
  • NA
By Pat
Columbia MO
French Brittany
November 3, 2023
I wantrd something that wasn't loose fitting on my 36 lb French Brittany. So I went with "S" size. It leaves most of his back exposed but covers his chest and sides perfectly. My iniital concern was it might be a lttle tight around his front legs and possible cause chaffing. This proved to be unfounded. He has worn it now for 5-6 eight hour hunts without issue. It does a great job protecing his under belly and sides from scrapes, cuts and ect. It works great!
  • See above
  • none so far...
By Adam
Stillwater, Minnesota
Solid vest! Some opportunities for design enhancement
October 25, 2023
Overall, this is one of the best and most rugged vests I've used. Very durable material and easy to put on the pooch. It stays put once on. As for fit, I see some opportunity for improvement. The neck doesn't fit great. Its a little loose. Allows debris to get in. A neoprene section might solve that. Extending the belly pan would also be helpful. It doesn't go far enough back to protect all of the dog's lower belly.
  • Ease of use. Durability. Solid material. Good value for the price.
  • Fit around neck. Length of protection for the belly could be longer
By Spyder
Elk River, MN
October 25, 2023
I am very pleased with my purchase of the SYLMAR body vest I bought for my Chocolate Lab. The vest fit nice and doesn't slide or bunch up on her. Would recommend this to all hunters looking for some body protection for their hunting partner.
  • Bright Color
  • Have not found any yet and don't anticipate finding any.
By LaMonte
Bainbridge Island, wa
Hunting vest
October 14, 2023
Well built. Fixt well with suitable adjustment.
  • Nothing to report at this time. Will be testing at the SD bird. hunt this month.
By Chris
Awesome fit and visibility
October 5, 2023
Makes my beagle much more visible while at the same time fitting great. It was a little different than hher winter coat which is just a blanket over her but she got used to it in a few minutes. Would recommend this for anyone who hunts with their dog.
By John
Safety Vest
September 30, 2023
Fits great but have not had a chance to use it in feild
  • Fits great,High Visibility.Made with very good material. A solid product
  • Have a small female short hair and wish it was a little longer on bottom side ,but all vests are about the same .
By Bruce
Curtis Nebraska
Dog vest
September 21, 2023
We haven't been pheasant hunting yet but it took about 1 hour for my lab to be used to wearing it and it fit well.
By K
Northwest Arkansas
Love the vest
September 13, 2023
Great for my Brittany who has very little hair on chest and belly.
  • Great coverage & protection
  • No chaffing
  • Easy to put on
  • Affordable
  • None that I can identify
By Jay
Rural NH
Bright and Durable
September 12, 2023
Goes on easily. Fits well with a martingale collar or harness if needed.
  • Easy on off
By Aaron
Good vest
August 23, 2023
Good vest. Extra Small fits my 34lb cocker, Gus. Does not seem to bother Gus. The underside or black part of the vest is double ply the material, so it offers good protection from puncture. Gus is brown so he is hard to see unless there is snow on the ground. The orange is perfect. Also the vest is cut in such a way that allows Gus (male) to pee without getting his vest wet. I have seen other vests that cover or rub on the male dogs. All in all I look forward to using this vest this next season.
  • Made well
  • Double Ply on the underside
  • Fits male dogs
  • Sizing on the chart worked for my dog
  • Wish it came with a dedicated handle for lifting the dog over downed barbed wire fences and other obstacles. Although not everyone has a hunting dog they can easily lift so I get why there isn't one.
By james V.
live in DE, hunt NE and West.
body vest
July 27, 2023
I have a comment on the design. The nylon straps should be sewn to the edge of the orange vest material. This will provide superior comfort for the dog and reduce the snagging potential. vest gaps a bit much in the top front of the chest. I have made a number of orders over the years and find your service very good. None better. Hunt 2 brittanies with numerous friends and family Jim
By Bill
Western NY
Gun dog vest
February 24, 2023
Bought the vest for my Boykin Spaniel for pheasant hunting as she gets full of burs and stickers. The season is over here but I did run her with the vest on a couple days ago. She's 35 lbs and a small fits well.
By chuck
very nice
February 22, 2023
bought the vest to help keep an eye on my gsp in the woods and to protect him from old barb wire fencing and briars associated with running in the woods had no idea how much stuff he could get into until i saw the scars on the vest. Glad he wears it, it doesnt have any rips or tears and fits him well, even if he should get into something to sharp for the vest i'm glad its not his skin. Worth every penny to protect a member of our family
  • durable and affordable, peace of mind knowing he has extra protection for his body
  • none
By Alex
Queen Creek, Arizona
Great for desert vegetation!
January 25, 2023
Got the small for my french brittany and was a great fit. This vest was perfect for our desert quail hunt and kept a lot of cacti spines off his body.
By Paul
Lansing, MI
Sylmar Dog Vest
January 17, 2023
These are great vests. I have more than one so I can rotate and wash if needed. They offer great protection and visibility. My setter runs through the brush and I have not ever had any durability issues. Another plus is they are Made In USA. My dog is about 54 pounds and wears a size medium.
  • Protection and Visibility.
By Donnie
January 14, 2023
Great product great price and customer service
By Greg
Protective reflective vests
January 6, 2023
Perfect fit , well constructed. Great ordering instructions, fast shipping, very well built!
By Tim
Excellent customer service
January 5, 2023
We had ordered a orange vest from you.. when we received it, looked good, fit good and easy to put on.
  • Easy to put on, easy to adjust,doesn
  • When we received the vest, after only a couple of times wearing it. , the stitching had come out in one area. When we called about it , they were very helpful and got us a replacement immediately. We were very, very happy with the customer service!
Worth it
January 5, 2023
On the first day out, my dog ran chest first into some barbed wire. Not a scratch on the dog because the vest protected him. Not even a scratch on the vest. Combined with the easier visibility in the brush, this vest has already been worth its cost. Dog didn't mind it at all either.
  • cost, visibility, protection, doesn't cause overheating, ease of use, fit
By Jerry K.
East Hartford CT
5 stars
January 5, 2023
This is a top quality vest worth every dollar to protect my GSP. We put a lot of time and effort in training our dogs and need to do all we protect them. Thanks for carrying a great product
  • Great durable product
  • None. Not cheap but you get what you pay for
By Bob G.
Works fine
January 5, 2023
My dog does not like to wear a vest of any kind. That being said, this vest is less binding than the others I have, and thus she doesn’t fight it quite so much. I like the fit and the vest is well made and durable. The only complaint I might have is that the fabric is noisy. That might be a benefit to me as I can hear where she is, but a detriment also as the birds hear her too! Noisy is the only reason I gave this vest 4 stars instead of 5 stars.
  • Good fit.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Durable.
  • Noisy.
By Dennis
Lawrence, Kansas
Finally fit our French Brittanys
January 5, 2023
Finding a good vest for their body farm has bred difficult. These vests after the first two days of hunting are doing great. I’m still examining of the piping around the front legs will run too much due to their Comparatively small chests but so far so good!
Symar Body Guard Dog Vest
January 5, 2023
Attaches great and is very adjustable for a comfortable fit. Doesn't interfere with our dogs movement.
  • good adjustability
By Sue
Easy to see on dogs
December 26, 2022
Took my dogs hunting and they each wore one of these vests. They were easy to spot in the woods, the dogs had no trouble moving in them, and they stayed well protected. Definitely recommend.
  • Bright color for ease of spotting hunting dogs
  • Doesn't impede movement
  • A little tricky to get on a wiggly dog
By Rick M.
North Vancouver, B.C.
Great best!
December 22, 2022
Great quality, well made, and bulletproof. We hunt a lot around 7 foot blackberry bushes, they can rip up our dog. This vest protects perfectly!
  • Quality, construction, easy to adjust.
  • None, so far.
By Greg T.
Protected him from druse and cactus
December 17, 2022
This was the first time I purchased one of these it protected my boy well. But the it rubbed him raw under the front legs I may have got the wrong size. But according to the video on sizing it was the right size. I adjusted it according to the video so it would not rub him raw but it still did. I don’t know if they will let me return it to try the next size down. It seamed like it was a little to long in the length. So not sure if that is why it rubbed him raw.
By Maureen S.
New Jersey
Sylmar Vest
December 15, 2022
I love this vest for my dog! I just went ‘live’ with it at a recent pheasant hunt. She moved easily as she ran the fields retrieving over 65 bird’s, remained protected in the heavy cover and under brush. It was easy for me to spot her while she worked (orange vest). She has tried a couple other vests and I could not get the fit I wanted for her. This one was different! Thanks for a great product!
  • Visibility, not bulky, fits well, easy to step into and out of, washed up well after
  • The strap material, nylon, frayed a bit from the thorns/briars. I want to see if I can find a confirm sleeve to help protect that (we have a ;leash sleeve; we use for our pet therapy group ID, so something smaller may work!)
By Brian M.
second one
December 10, 2022
This is the second vest I've gotten, first one lasted 8 years and is really still usable just a little stiff since I probably didn't take good care of it.
  • strong, light and easy to put on the dog
  • I don't use in warm weather as it doesn't breathe well
By S H.
Hebbronville, TX
Did not work for sticker burrs
December 10, 2022
We had a big crop of sticker (sand) burrs in S Texas this year and we tried the vests on cockers. Without the vest extending down the legs, it pushed the burrs into the dog's arm pits and actually within the front section, then pressing into the body as the dog ran forward. Please get a manufacturer to extend down the legs and over the shoulders.
By Karen
Silver City, NM
Fits well and look great!
December 6, 2022
I've only had this on my dog a couple of times - she's not a fan of wearing clothes but she tolerates it. I wish it extended a little further back to protect her whole belly. She loves to run through the brush, and climb rocks. I am always fearful that she will injure herself - this helps alleviate my fears. The next time she crashes over a fallen tree she might be glad she's wearing this too. I also like the fact that it's a bright colour. There are hunters where we hike and this will let them know she's not a game animal.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put on
  • Bright colour to alert hunters
  • The material seems sturdy
  • I understand that you can't have more belly coverage for male dogs but it would be nice for females.
By Adam M.
Petoskey, Michigan
Best Vest Out There
December 1, 2022
I purchased this because my first vest from Dan's Briarproof bit the dust after one season of hunting every weekend in the Ruffed Grouse woods of Northern Michigan. That vest was alright, but where that vest lacked, this vest certainly makes up for it. This vest covers more of the side of the dog, making the dog more visible. Additionally, the third buckle is extremely useful and seems well stitched together (this is where Dan's skid plate was seriously lacking). The third buckle helps fit around the dog's chest, allowing our Brittany to fit into this vest perfectly, with a small space between the front of the vest and her neck. Finally, the material seems pretty comparable to Dan's, except on the underside of the dog where there is much more protection and thicker material. I wish I could give this 4.5 stars if possible, as I think there is a little bit lacking in design. It would be fantastic to see elastic around the neck area so it hugs the dog's body better. While hunting in Michigan, you run into snow more often than you would like, and with the decent size opening between the neck and the vest, a good amount of snow finds its way into the vest, which we found made the dog cold more quickly.
  • High-quality stitching
  • Great visibility
  • Thick skid plate for superior protection
  • Poor fit around dogs neck for hunting in deep snow, not that big of a deal really, but thought I'd mention it.
Good vest
November 27, 2022
I run these vests on both of my Field Bred English Cockers. One vest is 5 years old and still in use. ( I attach a bell to the most rear - ward strap to keep the bell further from their ears )
  • Durable
  • Hi viz
  • Plenty of adjustments help avoid chafing
By Marie T.
November 18, 2022
The vest was nice. I used and measurements that were listed and they were too large. Style color was nice. Hooks to put them on were are bit of a challenge. From this site I had to pay for return shipping. That cost me $15.00. So for me a complete loss.
  • color
  • size, return cost.
By Kenny M.
Excellent vest
November 17, 2022
This vest is well made and is great for our dog. She has thinner hair on her chest area and this keeps her from getting all cut up pheasant hunting. It is also very lightweight but durable and doesn't cause any chaffing issues in the armpits (legpits) of our dog.
  • Easy to put on and very durable
  • None other than you should do the straps in blaze orange instead of black.
By Rod
Powell wy
It will work
November 11, 2022
it will work i know its hard to get a custom fit to fit all dogs but it will work fine.
  • will work to protect his chest
By Tony
Wolcott Ct
Good Quality
November 9, 2022
Received order on time. It fits good and it looks like it will hold up better than the ones that I had before
  • Good Quality
By Rick R.
Size is critical
November 5, 2022
According to the sizing chart if you are between sizes use the smaller version. Well my 41 pound English Setter was in between so I originally ordered the XS. It was too tight in the arm pits. Super easy to exchange and now have the small. Much better fit. Has enough room where it won’t bother her armpits. Chest covering sits a little too open and will probably catch a lot of seeds and junk. I may it tailored just to take up the slack. In my opinion the are mandatory for English setter’s and GSPs where they are hard charging through all the brush and downed timber looking for grouse. A puncture to the chest or abdomen would certainly wreck you day.
  • Protection, tough material, softens up with wear, much needed high visibility orange really helps to see your dog in thick cover, fast shipping.
  • Fit is critical. My 41 pound English Setter female wears a small. The xs body and chest fitter better, but the armpit holes were too small. On the small the chest plate sits open like a scoop, might need to add some corner gussets and close it up so it doesn
By Carrie
Chetek, WI
Great vest
November 4, 2022
This vest works great, our brit adjusted quickly and its helped to reduce cuts and scrapes.
  • Easy to fit and to get on/off in the field.
  • None so far.
By Bob
Upper Michigan
Great product!
November 3, 2022
I had used a similar vest, but it became tattered in just a few hunts. This fabric is thicker on the orange body and chest protector. It is completely without frays after nearly 6 hours in the field.
  • Pliable, cool fabric. Tough chest protection. No tight spots in arm pits. Strong buckles and straps. This is the perfect vest to protect the dog and make her more visible in heavy cover. Runs true to size. Measure your dog
  • None.
By Rusty
quality vest
November 3, 2022
This vest is well made and easy to put on. The size chart is accurate.
  • Material is high quality for the price.
  • A lot of cover though for warm days of hunting
By John
Works well
November 2, 2022
Second one of these I’ve purchased, durable and great visibility. Medium size fits my female GSP’s well.
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Visibility
  • Easy on and off
By Carol F.
Great Protection!
November 1, 2022
I love how this vest protects my English Springer Spaniel's (60lbs, 31"girth = medium) chest and "undercarriage"! She wore it for the first time during a weekend adventure in the Loess Hills of Iowa. We took 2-3 hikes each day in varying terrain. She adjusted immediately and never showed any signs of discomfort. When I did her daily grooming, I appreciated that I only needed to pay close attention to her ears, feathers, and paws. The blaze orange color is a must if you venture into any public hunting areas. Our late Cocker Spaniel (25lbs = small) wore his Sylmar Body Guard vest on many hikes during his years with us. We knew this item was a must for our new canine companion.
By Jay
Great vest
October 30, 2022
After 2 cut chests and a thorn embedded in the rib cage started having my dogs wear this vest. No chest injuries since( 12 years). Plus helps to see my dog in heavy cover at a distance.
  • Good fit, visibility.
By Paul
Love the Sylmar Dog Vest!
October 28, 2022
In our last year's pheasant hunt out west three of our dogs got ripped up by barbed wire. So before our second trip out west we ordered two Sylmar vests. They were awesome. If you measure your dog and order the correct size there is minimal adjusts to make them fit nicely. A bonus is that the straps make for easy lifting when helping a dog into the truck. We liked the vest so much that I ordered three more for my other dogs. So now my whole pack has one. Can't go wrong with this vest.
  • Fits well .... Easy to put on .... Very visible in the field .... Straps help to lift dogs into a truck that is difficult to get into.
  • There are no cons as of this point. Have used them for most of one season.
By Jim
Mid Michigan
Fits very well
October 28, 2022
I had a different brand vest that I used for another Brittany that we had but never really liked the fit. Following the sizing guidance when I ordered the Sylmar I originally bought an extra small and it was very tight on our new Britt who is a couple of weeks from being 1 year old. I sent that back and got a small which fits very well. I like the fit of the Sylmar better than the one I already had because it is shaped more to the dog's body and really seems to allow her to run and jump obstacles without any issues. The only issue was having to return the first one and the additional postage.
  • Fit
By Caleb
Good vest
October 28, 2022
I’ve been hunting for pheasants in North Dakota for two weeks now and in heavy cover, because all the crp grass has been cut because of emergency haying. It’s been very tough hunting, but the vest has kept my dog Jack safe.
  • Open top so the dog doesn't get as warm while hunting
  • None
By Keith
Great Upland Vest
October 27, 2022
One of the few quality vests that have a size small enough to fit my Boykin. Keeps her protected from the thorns and burrs. I did have a local seamstress add a nylon strap and d-ring so I could attach her ID tag and bell. Also a good thing to have in case I need to use a leash without having another collar around her neck with the e-collar.
  • Durability
By Marty
Loganton, PA
Orange Dog Vest
October 26, 2022
This is a very well-made vest. I bought size medium for my two female American Labs. One weighs 65 lbs and the other 58 lbs. The adjustment straps are easy to use. I previously owned vests made by Browning and Cabela's. The buckles tore off the Cabela's vest. The material used for the Sylmar vest seems heavier. This vest still needs to stand the test of time and use, but I am pleased with the fit, material, and construction. Watch the company video on fitting the vest to the dog. Nicely done.
  • Material, design, and fit.
By Frank
Size is true product is well made.
October 24, 2022
I have a smaller Brittany and the XSSHORT fits her perfect it is well made and it doesn't bother her to wear it at all.
  • Great fit and durable.
  • non yet.

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