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By Tom T.
Madison Wisconsin
Capable and compact with good range
July 2, 2021
So far so good. Not too obnoxious and gives me range for my GSP to cue off of. Needed to attach a proper lanyard though.
ProsSize, pitch and range
ConsNeed lanyard or another mechanism to carry if you have other tools in your hand or a gun.
By Kathy R.
Great training and recall whistle in windy conditions
June 28, 2021
This whistle replaces my orange school yard type whistle which can blow a humans ears out. I love that the dogs instantly respond to it and even I can hear most of the frequencies without hurting my ears. Now we move on to using the same commands from the loud whistle to this quiet version.
ProsSturdy metal and cover
By Joan M.
Ridgefield, washington
Silent whistle
May 26, 2021
I have not been able to have my dog hear the silent whistle when he is loudly barking at the delivery people
Merchant Response:Joan, I'm sorry to hear that. If you have not already you will need to teach your dog the whistle means to be quiet. It's important to understand what the silent whistle will and will not do. Just like anything else, it's a cue. You have to teach the dog what it means. We've got some information on our website about how to go about doing that. Thanks, Ben
By Sara
Brighton, CO
Great Whistle!
May 7, 2021
I bought this for training our dog and it works great. I had originally purchased a cheaper one, but our dog barely acknowledged it. This one gets his attention every time! It’s very well made and worth the extra expense.
By Customer
Silent whistle
April 22, 2021
Solid, easy to set
By Ron F.
Lincoln Ks
very satisfied
March 18, 2021
Really good experience with this product. The puppy hears this whistle and it diverts his attention to me from even the most distractive activities. It has helped me with training him to respond to commands.
ProsVery well constructed. Should last a life-time.
ConsA little hard to pull apart to remove the protective cap.
By Thomas
West Hills California
Really works at long distance
March 18, 2021
I use this whistle because my GSPs seem to respond much better than to other whistles I have tried. When my dogs are out at one or two hundred yards they respond and I don’t put up with the uncomfortably loud sound necessary with other whistles.
ConsThe cap gets in the way. I simply remove it.
By Joanna
It works
January 23, 2021
This is the first dog whistle that works. Quality construction.
ProsNicely made. Adjustable
By Jan
Cincinnati, Ohio
A quality dog whistle
January 14, 2021
This was exactly what I was looking for. I have Malamutes - obedience is at best a negotiated experience with this breed. I have a pair of littermates which is an even greater challenge because they are bonded as tightly to each other as to their human pack. They’re really good outside the fence as long as they are harnessed and on leads, but if they slip their leads, off they run with ears tightly closed to any and all words that come out of our mouths. My son was shopping in Cabela’s one day, saw a dog whistle, and thought that would be worth trying out. We tried getting them to come using three blasts of the whistle followed by a treat when they showed up and it worked beautifully. Then the whistle rolled off the table and got sucked into the vacuum. It wasn’t the greatest whistle and didn’t adjust for squat, so I went hunting for a good, durable whistle that I could adjust to the perfect frequency for our two wooly adventurers. This whistle is perfect. It’s one of the only ones I’ve tried that goes high enough to be pretty much silent - the frequency that catches my dogs’ attention best. I like the cover which, contrary to many reviews I’ve seen, is easy to pull off and put on. It’s also really solid which just adds to its feel and durability. The dogs actually got hold of it once and took it out to the yard. All it needed was a quick wipe down and it was good as new (they had already eaten up two other whistles that were plastic and one that was metal but not sturdy). They can be outside enjoying the yard, upstairs snooping in wastebaskets, or even all the way up in the attic snoozing in a sunny window, but, when I give three blasts on the whistle, they come running. We’ve got them pretty consistent within back yard and home and are going to move to dog park training. Hoping that gets consistent enough that we can attempt free walking outside the house so that we can count on them stopping and returning if they slip away from us. Anyway, I’m really happy with this whistle - solid, adjustable, consistent (not all whistles are), and can be attached to a lanyard to wear around your neck with outside.
ProsDurable construction Truly adjustable Easy to clean
ConsChain between cap and whistle a little bit short - makes it a bit harder to get the cap off but not a deal breaker
By Karen
I really like this whistle!
December 20, 2020
I really like this Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535. I like the fact, too, that it has its own cover. I am training my sometimes stubborn 9-month old German Shorthaired Pointer to come to this whistle. My GSP reacts and comes!
By Rick
Somerset KY
Silent Whistle
September 2, 2020
Product was quality, and just what it said it was .Had a little trouble with screw for tone adjustment but all around good product. I just made the wrong choice for my dog, she doesn't like it. I have been using a whistle with a pea and wanted something without. Will try another style.
ProsWell constructed, quality materials.
ConsHeavy to hold in your mouth, dog seemed irritated by sound and didn't associate pleasure or fun with training.
By Rick T.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 18, 2018
My shorthair pointer responds way better to this whistle then any other I have used. Even in the wind or long distance she hears it and responds to it. Very good results.
By Linda W.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 18, 2018
This a terrific dog whistle! Adjustable pitch and excellent range makes it useful every time I take my two rowdy young dogs to the 10-acre woods in our favorite dog park. It even worked at a distance calling them back from chasing deer, which is very impressive.
By Dennis G.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 14, 2018
I like it but it's not foolproof. Sometimes it takes the dog a while to respond.
By Donal A.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 11, 2018
Works like a charm without disturbing my neighbors. She comes when called and obeys other commands, after having been trained to the commands, of course. she actually seems to respond to the higher pitch better than the regular whistle.
By Chris M.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
August 14, 2016
My Dog responds perfectly to this whistle. I am happy with it. This my third replacement. I am having this one engraved so if found, it can be returned.
By Kristine S.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
July 18, 2016
Very pleased with both whistles I ordered. Would recommend them.
By Oldsnake
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
May 17, 2016
The whistle works wonderfully well, but the secret is Steve's instruction for training dog and owner how to use it. It is not magic but if you do what Steve says, it works.
By Oldsnake
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
May 17, 2016
The whistle works wonderfully well, but the secret is Steve's instruction for training dog and owner how to use it. It is not magic, but if you do what Steve says, it works.
By Alonzo W.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
May 2, 2016
I love it. My pup has started to comply.
By Michael M.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
April 9, 2016
Just got it. Still a work in progress. A puppy, she responds most of the time, till distracted.
By Juniper
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
February 27, 2016
In my opinion, this is a well-made, high quality whistle. I use it to call my cat and it stimulates a response better than my voice. I had trouble removing the cap as I have parts of fingers missing on my left hand. I discovered that removing the chain solved the problem. The chain is just a little too short to allow the amount of pressure needed to remove the cap. Getting a lanyard would be a good replacement for the chain. This whistle is by far superior to the one I bought at a large chain store that never worked at all.
By Jason R.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
February 24, 2016
Very good quality!
By Syrupscience
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
January 14, 2016
I can't seem to get my dogs to hear it! Information on web site said that a person could only hear air passing through the whistle. However, once I tightened the screw to set the whistle for long distance and tone, it began to have a high pitch whistle, but the dogs don't seem to hear it. I will keep trying to get them to respond to this silent whistle.
By Stephen S.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
December 25, 2015
Hard to hunt with.
By Brock B.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
November 30, 2015
Seems to work well with the dogs. Took some extra training with them to respond consistently. Don't like the small mouthpiece, makes it hard to hold in your mouth and blow when you are working with the dogs. It takes some getting used to to make it work. I use it in the field to make my dogs quarter in front.
By Fidelio T.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
November 25, 2015
Expensive, but incredibly well made. Skip the one made in the far east and buy the original. Been using them for 40 years, and it's still the best.
By Scott W.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
September 1, 2015
Well made, but a little less comfortable to use than the Acme plastic whistles. We are testing higher frequencies for longest distance.
By Ronald H.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
August 21, 2015
Much more solid construction than others I've looked at. Easy to blow. Adjustable frequency. And, best of all, my dog responds from at least 100 yards away.
By Hank D.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
June 11, 2015
I had a little problem removing the cover on the whistle, but now have the little problem solved. It works great! Thanks
By Patricia P.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
June 6, 2015
I'm still at the very beginning of training with it. Puppy is not quite 16 weeks yet. He is blind, though, and I feel this will be an excellent training tool, especially when there is a great deal of peripheral noise that is confusing to him.
By Patrick
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
April 7, 2015
Made of good quality materials. The chain feels solid. The adjustable pitch is very easy to change. It always gets the attention of my dogs, and they were quick to realize what it meant.
By Crystal H.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
March 20, 2015
It is an amazing product. I love it!! Used it for my hound. Works amazing!
By Larry A.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
March 10, 2015
Works with our dog out to about 100 yards. I think beyond that the background noise from a highway distracts the dog. Also our dog is barely 2 years old and I think she ignores the whistle when she is on the trail of some critter. I think I may need to get a training collar to increase the distance for alerting the dog.
By Albert W.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
March 9, 2015
All I can say is IT'S GREAT!
By Butch C.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
March 1, 2015
Best whistle on the market, silent or ear buster.
By Sally L.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
February 23, 2015
I had used just a regular whistle, but needed something that didn't hurt my ears and had more distance. The dogs are responding to the silent whistle after some training.
By Sharon F.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
February 9, 2015
Finally got my answer from brazil where I forwarded it to my brother in law, and he said the dogs look toward him and hesitate, but he blows it some more, and they quit. They also do not bark so early or so late. He is slowly but surely training them. Should say also that they are neighbors dogs who have been keeping him up for months. He thanks you for his nights sleep.
By BCStLouis
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
February 6, 2015
The first truly (nearly) silent whistle I've found. Excellent.
By Carroll
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
January 28, 2015
I thought this would be nice so that I would not bother people around me, but so far the GSP does not respond to this for a recall. I may not have it adjusted right. I used the 3rd place for distance. I also have the Acme Tornado 635, and the dog does respond to this if not to far away. However, Steve's pick, the small Thunderer works the best.
By Butch C.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
January 25, 2015
Acme is the original and no one has done it better since. Love 'em.
By Sarah S.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
January 18, 2015
We LOVE this whistle. I like it so much that I purchased a 2nd just to have in case we misplace one. Our GSP is 2.5yr and responds very well to the whistle. We use it for recall at the park and off leash activities. Great product, durable and easy to adjust the pitch. Definitely recommend.
By Linda G.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
January 6, 2015
It did not work for silencing a barking dog next door. I thought I had read the comments online that it would be effective for this purpose. I received a response from your company that it is not for that. I don't have any of my paperwork to return it, so it's really of no use to me. Sincerely, Linda Griffin
By Donald M.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
December 5, 2014
Hasn't worked yet.
By John U.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
November 18, 2014
I was very pleasantly surprised by the obvious quality of the Acme Dog Whistle. It has good weight to it and is just the right size to fit in the hand. The chain is a very nice feature. I don't have to worry about losing half of the whistle. I've used other silent whistles in the past and this one is by far the best. It's well worth the money!
By Bill M.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
November 17, 2014
Trained my dogs from the beginning with it. Works great and you don't have to annoy every other hunter within a mile!
By Patricia L.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
November 2, 2014
Works well in training. Still need to try under actual working conditions.
By Nell A.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 19, 2014
It is the best.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 18, 2014
Just bought another as a gift for my daughter to use to train their new dog - a Lab/Dane mix. She was impressed when she saw my Husky turn and come back to us upon hearing my whistle signal.
By Frank R.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 7, 2014
Very good whistle! Worth the money. Can't find anything better.

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